My DIY Landscaping Mistakes – Show Notes

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My DIY landscaping mistakes

  • No Soil testing
  • No Survey
    • Important to understand for projects
    • Resolves potential neighbor issues
  • Oversized vegetable garden
  • Buying clearance plants
    • Random plants
    • Unplanned locations for planting
    • Can be damaged or diseased
  • Planting without design
  • Demolition without replacement plan
    • Leads to extra work
    • Maintenance issues
  • Assuming things won’t change around us

Today’s favorite plant

American Beautyberry

  • Callicarpa americana
  • USDA Zone 6-10
  • 3-6ft tall by 3-6ft wide
  • Prefers moist soils, sand or clay
  • Bright lavender pink berries in late fall through winter
  • Berries on new growth
  • Variety: Lactea – white berries

Variety: Welch’s pink – pink berries