Rain barrels – ELY episode 110

Why you already love rain containers but just didn’t know it yet…

Show Notes

Why you should consider rain containers

Whether you call them rain barrels, rain containers, or rain catchment systems, capturing the rain provides healthy water for your landscape and helps reduce our burden on stressed stormwater systems.  Win-win-win!  Here’s how to do your part in helping reduce your burden on our water systems, as simple or intricate as you like!

What’s your rain barrel style?  Listen to learn more…

Why are rain containers awesome?

  • Healthy water for your garden and yard
  • Low cost water storage
  • Reduces runoff – help our stressed planet!
  • Reduces energy and demand on our water supply

Types of rain containers

  • Easy downspout rain barrels – quick and easy, great way to get started
  • Larger rain continers – more options, more water storage, some are pretty
    • Plastic modular systems
    • IBC Totes (Intermediate bulk containers) make great rain containers – get a food grade one!
      • (pssst we use these for our rain system – 550 gallons of storage fills in less than one inch of rain!)
    • Steel and concrete rain container systems
      • Expert & pro style, can look very beautiful

Key Factors to consider with rain containers

  • Make sure to empty your rain containers in freezing weather or you will be sad :(
  • Avoid “Dead legs” in your rain container system
    • These are places where water sits stagnant and doesn’t flow. Explained better in the podcast.
  • First flush diversion
    • This is a very helpful rain container addition because it reduces debris, bird poop, etc from getting into your continer.
    • A slightly more advanced element, but very helpful to improve quality and prevent stagnant (aka smelly) water in your rain containers
    • Rainwater downspout filters are also a great option, but only capture the larger debris.
  • Keep your rain containers covered and screened
    • Keeps out rodents and mosquitos
    • Keeps rain containers safe from curious children and sad accidents.

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Rain barrels – ELY episode 110