Design your DIY landscaping like a pro – Show Notes

How to start designing a landscape

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What you need to do to begin a new DIY landscape design for your yard

Start with a list of needs, wants, and desires

  • Needs
    • Functions
    • Access
  • Wants and desires
    • Syles
    • Non-necessary functions
    • Enhanced access

Include whole family in process

  • Spouse
  • Kids
  • Pets

Create a base map

  • Take photos
  • Map out basic layout of property
    • Property boundaries
    • Structures
    • Existing spaces
    • Direction
    • Access points
    • Utilities

Begin to create design ideas

  • Overhead view of space
  • Side view of space
  • Start with different hardscape and garden border designs
  • Two options
    • Paper exercise
    • Realistic exercise
      • Rope, hose, etc
      • Take photos!

Think about plant structure

  • Structure, not specific plants
    • Big, small, pyramidal, columnar, bush, tree, etc
  • Use construction paper, whiteboard, power point
  • Not specific plants, just shapes and forms

Think about colors, textures, and time of year

  • Blooms, foliage, evergreen, dead material

Get input and narrow in on a design concept

Formalize your design

Today’s favorite plant

Moss phlox – Phlox subulata

  • Ground cover perennial
  • Semi-evergreen
  • 3-6” height
  • 1-2ft spread
  • Varied blooms in March-May
  • Grows in medium to dry moisture
  • Full sun
  • Sandy, rocky, or clay soil
  • Tolerates deer, drought, erosion
  • USDA zone 3-9