Hi, I’m Ben Hale!

I’m here to help your family have a beautiful low maintenance landscape that provides a purposeful positive impact for our world.
How can your yard be easily beautiful?
How can your yard make the world better?

Whether you live in an urban or rural area, unincorporated or HOA, we can all make changes in our yards that can create beauty, reduce routine work, and create health habitat for the critters that most need it.

I want your family to:
  • feel safe and healthy in your yard
  • be proud of your property and its beauty
  • enjoy more time together by reducing your landscape maintenance needs
  • make the world better with a yard that supports wildlife and diversity

Here you’ll find the tools and information needed to get you and your yard to a better place.

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About Ben Hale

Alright, who’s this Ben guy anyway?

I live with my family in southwest Ohio, born and raised. I consider myself blessed with an awesome wife, three crazy sons, and amazing family and friends. When not focused on Easy Living Yards and raising healthy happy kids, I enjoy the outdoors, and love to fix old things and create new things. In reality, most of my time is spent trying to make our home habitable, having my sons teach me how to play, doing the dishes, making dinner, and working at my full-time day job.
I know what it’s like to struggle with a tough landscape. Our current house sits on a half acre lot. The house was a mess inside and out when we bought it. It’s hard to find the time to work on yard beautification while fixing up the house, working full time, and raising a young family.
  • We’ve gotten notice of property maintenance violation while fixing our house.
  • We’ve got angry neighbors who think mowing your yard is more important than family.
  • We’ve got other neighbors who spite us because we don’t spray our yard with chemicals.
I have the knowledge to design landscapes to be beautiful and healthy and easy and eco friendly.
Follow us as we transform our yard from Beast to Beauty. We’re here to help you do it too!
I’m so glad you’re here to change your land and your life! And I’m happy to be part of your journey!

Certified in ecological design

Ben Hale holds a Permaculture Design Certification, a design practice focusing on ecological design to reduce maintenance and create a positive environmental impact through landscapes.  This design process assesses all conditions and creates nature-inspired designs to fit into existing spaces, creating healthy, vibrant, low maintenance landscapes to heal the land, care for earth, and care for the people around us.


Ben Hale also holds a Professional Master Rain Gardener certification from Cuyahoga Soil & Water Conservation District.  Rain gardens are essential tools in the residential landscape to prevent erosion, provide beautiful pollinator habitat, and reduce stormwater issues.

Permaculture Worldwide Network
PermaEthos Permaculture Design Certification
Master Rain Gardener


10% to Purpose

Consistent with my intent to create beauty and health for families with less work, I am committed to helping families around the world find health, independence, and purpose in their lives.
  • I have a primary interest in creating food independence through local healthy food movements.
  • I care for the social welfare and healthy families across the world.
  • I want all children to experience a healthy childhood as much as possible.
How do I help these causes? How can you help these causes? You already do!

I donate 10% of all membership and consultation sales to various social and environmental causes around the world.

Thank you for your commitment to improving our world through your support!
I am excited to make a positive impact together!
Let’s make tomorrow better than today.

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