Here is a boatload of free stuff to help you create a beautiful, low maintenance, eco-friendly landscape!

So you can create the dream yard you deserve and the eco-friendly yard our world deserves.

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Three Easiest Plants

Not sure where to start?  Start here. 

Have a brown thumb? Plant these.

This shopping list has the easiest plants for your yard in the eastern US!

How to save 27 hours of yard work

Do you feel like yard work rules your life?

This quick guide shows you how to save 27 hours of work in your landscape!

A Few More Easy Plants

Do you want to pick a few plants that look good together?

If you want MORE plant choices, this is a short list of awesome plants that work in most yards across the US!

Easy Plants for Eastern US

Do you want to find the best plants for your yard?

This MEGA list gives you the top recommended low maintenance plants from designers!

Top Reasons Your Tree is Dying

Are you struggling to keep a tree alive?

This quick guide covers top reasons your tree could be dying!

Find your passion

Are you looking for more purpose in your life? 

Here’s an exercise to begin finding your passions.  Why is this important?  It affects everything, including your yard!

A Fresh Focus on your Landscape

Stuck on design ideas for your yard?

This guide gives you a way to find creative ideas for your landscape.

Rain Calculator

Water is scarce.  Collect rainwater!

This tool tells you how much rain hits your roof or yard!

Plant Trees Like a Pro

Ready to plant a tree?  Want to make sure it survives?

This guide shows you how to plant a tree like a pro!

The Ultimate DIY Mailbox Installation Guide

Need a new mailbox post? 

This guide is all you need to build a post that lasts!