Front Yard Gardening that your neighbors will love – Show Notes

Today, we talk about Front Yard Vegetable Gardening. 

Do you live in an HOA where you’re not allowed to have a vegetable garden?  Perhaps you have pets that would trample your vegetables in the backyard.  Or maybe a spouse that doesn’t want a vegetable garden?

Well…. Never Fear!  Captain Vegetable is here!

In this episode, I’ll share with you several vegetables that add beauty to your landscape.  You can harvest nutritious food right from your front yard and your neighbors will love it!

How to grow vegetables in an HOA

  • Vegetables that look great in any garden bed
  • Ornamental edible plants
  • Don’t have space for traditional vegetable garden
  • Can describe them using scientific names


  • Wispy foliage
  • Great backdrop
  • Needs
    • Full sun
    • Good drainage
    • Cold hours


  • Several varieties
    • Onions
    • Garlic
    • Ramps
    • Chives
  • Very hardy plants
  • Grow for your climate zone


  • Beautiful colors and textures
  • Best in cool seasons
  • Plant in partial sun for longer effect


  • Easy to grow
  • Beautiful colors and texture
  • Get your preferred flavor variety

Kale and Cabbage

  • Huge variety of color, form, texture
  • Try it before you grow it!
  • Check out dinosaur kale for your kids


  • Some beautiful multi-colored varieties
  • Easy to grow

Squash and Melons

  • Giant leaves
  • Melons have fig-like leaves
  • Pumpkins are built-in fall décor
  • Space-filling
  • Beautiful flowers

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