Your Yard is Habitat - Native Plants with Kara Maynard of Deeply Rooted Landscapes

Show Notes – Your Yard is Habitat – Episode 111

Kara Maynard, Deeply Rooted Landscapes

Today I have the pleasure to welcome Kara Maynard of Deeply Rooted Landscapes in Dayton Ohio.  We’re chatting about “Your Yard is Habitat” – how your yard can make an impact and why you should care.

Scientists are learning that nature preserves and our fragmented habitats are not enough to support the little critters we love.  And without biodiversity, we as a species will struggle to survive.

So without getting into doom and gloom, there are some easy solutions – starting with us and our yards.  Our yards have the potential to save the human race.  Crazy but true.  Scientists are finding that if we convert even just a portion of the land in our yards, schools, churches, and businesses, we have the potential to provide life-saving habitat to a vast array of species crucial to the stability of ecosystems across our planet.

Today we cover:

  • Risks of no habitat and non-native plants
  • Why native plants are so important
  • How Kara’s passion for recycling turned into a career in native landscaping
  • How to find local resources like Wild Ones to help you with native landscaping
  • How to find local examples of beautiful native landscapes
  • How to get kids passionate about native plants
    • Plant interesting things
    • Plant caterpillar host plants
    • Give them ownership!

Today’s Resources:

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Your Yard is Habitat with Kara Maynard of Deeply Rooted Landscapes

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