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There’s not much better than making fun of yourself, right?  Today, I share some of my recent DIY landscaping mistakes, and what we can all learn from them.

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Today’s favorite plant

American Beautyberry

  • Callicarpa americana
  • USDA Zone 6-10
  • 3-6ft tall by 3-6ft wide
  • Prefers moist soils, sand or clay
  • Bright lavender pink berries in late fall through winter
  • Berries on new growth
  • Variety: Lactea – white berries
  • Variety: Welch’s pink – pink berries

My DIY landscaping mistakes

  • No Soil testing
  • No Survey
    • Important to understand for projects
    • Resolves potential neighbor issues
  • Oversized vegetable garden
  • Buying clearance plants
    • Random plants
    • Unplanned locations for planting
    • Can be damaged or diseased
  • Planting without design
  • Demolition without replacement plan
    • Leads to extra work
    • Maintenance issues
  • Assuming things won’t change around us

DIY Landscaping Mistakes-ELY098

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What’s up I’m Ben Hale and this is the easy living yards podcast? Creating Beautiful Yard should be easy. Let’s jump in in create the Dream Yard. You deserve so you can enjoy more time doing what you love Welcome to episode ninety eight of the easy living yards. podcast cast today. We’re GONNA be talking about my diy landscaping mistakes things. I’ve messed up in my own landscaping and I want to share with you so you can do it better just like in the past two episodes. This is a throwback episode to an earlier episode from the easy living yards. podcast guys. I’m taking it a little bit slower. In the month December. It takes a lot of work a lot of production effort to run this show as well as run a business plus work fulltime plus trying to be a good. You know good dad right and so I’m good husband two right so I’ve decided that during the month December I’m going to share with you the most valuable episodes and shows or you know some of them. There have been tons of valuable opposites and shows that we’ve done so I really encourage you to go back. Can you know sift through over almost one hundred episodes now guys of super valuable stuff tough. Check out what you need for. You know various topics of what you’re working on your landscape or what you’re trying to learn about your landscape so there’s a ton of value there and so I’ve put up you you know just three of these. These shows in the month of December. To Really Kinda bring forward against some of this stuff and so funny enough one one of my most popular episodes of all time was when I shared my diy landscaping mistakes. So apparently guys like to hear about when I mess things up so I wanted to. Oh you know bring this episode forward again and replay it for you today so you can really learn from the mistakes I’ve made in. How do it better okay? We all mess up right. It always happens But we can also learn from each other’s mistakes so that was really the intent of this show and so I want you to hopefully enjoy this show and take it away today. We are going to be talking about me. That’s right. Who are going to be talking about my mistakes my diy landscaping mistakes today? And and so I just want you to learn that even somebody like me who’s crazy about landscaping can still make some blunders. Still makes mistakes and that’s okay and and the best we do is pick ourselves up trying to fix the best we can and move forward so we’re going to be talking about my idea way landscaping mistakes today before that. We’re GONNA cover a few topics I if you guys haven’t heard already. I am opening up my easy leaving yards membership very soon as of the the time. This podcast episode comes out because you know I kinda prerecord some of these. You know these are the things that are coming out live right but anyway so by the time this episode episode comes out likely. The founding membership will be closed. So I’ll be working with a special group of founders. That have special founder’s rate and they get super close access with me. They get influenced the initial development of the membership and what is and how valuable it is and really kind of you know. Kick the tires a little bit and and help me You know get get the membership the best possible before we open it up now we will be opening up the membership very soon and and if you want to be one of those first members to get in and to really make a positive changing your landscape you can always go over to E. L. Y.. Dot how slash membership and likely by the time this episode comes out. What I’ll have is a just a quick? Wait list where you can kind of do. Just sign up to get notified. As soon as I’m watching the membership that way you can get in and make a positive difference in your landscape and just so you know what this membership is about is. It’s it’s really about giving giving you the confidence the know how and the support you need to transform your landscape for the better. So if you’re looking to really make a positive change in your landscape this you’re this membership is for you and what we’re doing with this membership is. I will be in there with the rest of the community and we’ll be giving each other the support we need and when we have questions helping each other out I’ll be in there providing answers you’ll get access to me with member calls where you can ask direct questions to me and I will be answering in your questions and so this will basically help you step by step through the process of your landscape transformation into a beautiful low maintenance landscape that you can love and you can be proud of and you know the cool thing about this. Membership is is part of the reason why I’m doing this. I want to be more accessible. Sibal two more people so I have you know before this I have offered a premium consultation in my consultations normally ninety nine dollars an hour I get it.

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That’s pretty steep so this membership is a much more affordable price rican. Still get access to me. You still get the support you need and you can. You can transform your your landscape kind of on it like on demand basis and so that’s really cool so if you’re interested in this enough talking about right now go over to eat a wide dot how how slash membership and you’ll find out more info there and also of course we’ll have a link in the show notes if you want to check it out all right so the second thing is today’s favorite Everett plant. Now it’s February right. It’s it’s February thirteenth so happy pre Valentine’s Day in toil you dudes out there if you got a special Lady in your life make sure you know. Even if she says she doesn’t care about it she probably does three Audi. It’s just just part of life now now Thanks a lot homework Taken away you know spontaneity and adding a sense of obligation to things like this anyway enough with that rant grant but just hint hint you might be nice to do something special special gesture at least say a nice word tomorrow so So with that. There’s two reasons I chose this plant today. One is that tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and to is that this plant has some beautiful before winter interest and that is the American beauty berry so of course you know Beauty Berry Valentine’s Day. I get a bit of a stretch but anyway this is the beauty. Beauty Berry is a a beautiful Bush Especially in the late fall and early winter now. Unfortunately it’s really tough to get a lot entrance interest in late late winter. And so I kind of you know. I’m stretching it a little bit here because likely if you grow your the right climate for beauty berry and you grow it. You likely won’t don’t have the beautiful berries on In February but that all said at least through December Usually you got something in there. So let me talk more about this plant and why I love it and I wish I had it in my landscape. We actually were planning on putting this. We were debating about whether the report this Shrub as a primary focal point or another shrub as the primary focal point in our new front yard garden design and we chose the other one which was a nine bark plant Call Darts Gold was the variety and it was this beautiful Golden chartreuse use foliage plant and we decided that we wanted more interest You know in the summer and it does it still does with its bark. It has some pretty interesting. The the winter But we were considering this beauty berry as well and so the American beauty berry is Calcutta. Americana is the Latin name it grows in. USDA zones six through ten. So we’re in southwestern Ohio were really just right on the northern edge of where this plant can grow And it in that area. It’s generally a herbaceous plant. meaning that the top will die back to the ground each year and then and re grow from the base of the you know the crown of the plant the roots and Instill it still grows three to six feet tall by three to six feet wide even even if it dies back you’ll you’ll be on the smaller range of this. So if if you’re in a slightly southern region compared to zone six You will likely likely not have diabetic. Every year. You might get occasional dieback But there’s a benefit to that. which is that the The berries the beautiful berries that this this plant is known for They grow on new growth. So even if you have one that doesn’t die back to the ground it doesn’t hurt to kind of cut it back each year to encourage new the growth So cut it back in very late. Winter before growth starts to happen before it buds out Okay this plant prefers moist soils either sand or clay soil So it’s kind of widespread there of types of swell but overall it prefers moisture in. Has these beautiful bright lavender pink. Berries Aries in late fall through early winter and So another cool thing is it kind of brings some birds in if they start to discover this plant and they’ll munch on those berries and You gives you more interest in your landscape with the with the fauna that you can attract The berries occur like I said on new growth and there are two varieties of the American can beauty berry that I wanNA point out One is the variety lack. Tia Sa- which has white berries that’s L. A. C. T. E. A. These is notes are in the show notes so you can check it out if you’re interested They have white berries instead of the the lavender. Pink to be honest. I’m not sure why you do this because I think the pink ones are just absolutely absolutely gorgeous Unless for for whatever reason that you know it just doesn’t fit in your landscape. The color doesn’t match but again this is a late fall through early winter here. So there’s very little color and this giant pop of color is just a like such a welcome note to the end of the year And then there’s another ride called.

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Welches is pink and these are more of a bright pink color compared to your lavender pink so if you prefer like the the bright pink compared to the purplish pink You can get at that variety otherwise the spray straight species does pretty well Now there are. I want to caution you or let you know that. There are several varieties of Asian beauty berries out there. And there’s only the one species of American natives which is the Calcutta Americana and then there’s Several other species species worn is Kelly carpet dichotomy. I can’t remember the others off top my head But they have several varieties cultivated varieties as well. They’re much more common in the landscape supply. Profession now the reason I don’t specifically recommend these because these plants Like a lot other berry producing plants that are not Indigenous to the you know to our United States If you’re listening from the United States is that these these can be spread by birds. In and become a naturalized in kind of you know some people call them invasive and so they can start growing in the natural naturalized areas where they might out compete other plants that are important in that area and so for that reason. I don’t necessarily recommend those varieties righties although they do have similar beauty to them Very similar plants as far as how they look and that sort of thing They are a little smaller in stature stature. Some of them. So if that’s something you’re interested in maybe but again I’d be careful with you know How this affects our broader landscape that we need to more and more increasingly Be Aware of as it becomes less and less Available okay so nuff on that. Let’s skit into our main topic. Which is my diy landscaping mistakes blunders mess ups whatever you WanNa call them I wanted to just basically spend in today’s show to talk about how you know who were all human right. We all make mistakes and I’m certainly willing to admit that when when you you know in the very rare circumstance I make one but I just want to point out that you know a lot of this. DIY landscaping stuff is daunting and and that’s because of the fear of making a mistake. Fear of messing something up that can be very expensive very dangerous potentially or you know costly we To damaging to your house or or whatever right so there are risks to it and that said It’s if you know you know a few certain principles about things going in. It’s it’s pretty easy to avoid some of those you know dangerous and costly mistakes and then the other mistakes for more like design type mistakes where it’s like okay. Maybe we shouldn’t have planted this here. Oh I didn’t realize this was going to obscure the view here or whatever you know kind of more stylistic diagnostic things or experiential type things not necessarily like damaging things and that’s where most of the mistakes happen. Is this more experiential and design type mistakes and so as long as we can cover you know not making the major mistakes like messing up utilities messing up our foundation Growing something right underneath power lines you know some of those basic things We can avoid the major mistakes and have the confidence to move forward. I guess is what in getting it so I wanted to show you that. I have made mistakes. I’m currently as I was reading these notes. I realize there’s things I’ve actually recommended on this show that I have. I’m not done on our property and I need to do that and so I’m willing to admit that you know I guess a little bit. I’m talking about the two sides of my mouth there and I will make sure I try rectify defy this for one Because it’s very important so we’ll get into those topics And so I just want to know that even though I am I am. I’m very passionate about landscape design. DIY landscaping. I’m in the thick of it with our home right now of transforming our landscape That but I’ve still made mistakes. I will continue to make mistakes part of his. Just my you know my nature we. We have a tendency to do certain things that are kind of like blenders or not just not the best way to do things and so. That’s where I want to show you today is. It’s okay it happens and it’s you know it’s better to try and do something to to to do. Nothing at all is kind of how I feel and so I wanNA give you the confidence to move forward to make a positive change in your landscape or at least attempt it and you’ll likely be surprised the outcome it won’t be perfect. Okay I am telling you right now. It will not be the perfect.

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You will make mistakes and that’s okay all right as long as we know it here to those main safety things and that sort of thing. Nobody’s going to get hurt. And and maybe the things won’t be perfect but most likely you’ll be good enough and it will improve your landscape. It will improve the value of your home and it will improve improve pride you have in your landscape overall and that’s the key takeaway here okay. So let’s jump in and talk about how I’ve messed things up so the first mistake I’ve made is actually one that I’ve recommended here on the show and it is very important and I need to do it. And I’ve Kinda gotten into some trouble trouble with some of the plants I’ve selected landscape and that is I haven’t done a soil test of our property across our property soil tests are really really helpful. They can tell you a lot without making too many assumptions and it can help you kinda modify your landscape if necessary or more importantly select the right plants to grow in your conditions soil tests. help you understand. You guessed it your soil right so Surprise surprise surprise and it’s important to know some certain characteristics of your soil because there’s so many differences in the type of material that makes up your soil A lot of the various characteristics so some of the important factors just to name a few. Are Your Ph your organic matter your again it content And the macronutrients nutrients present in your soil also whether or not you have contaminated soil. So you know heavy metal toxicity or something like that Those are all really important. Things really helpful things as you go forward with selecting plants for your landscape or whether you need to modify Your existing space which usually actually prefer the first. I because in the long run if you select hardy plants that grow in your existing conditions. It’s much easier than trying to select plants that grow in different conditions in continuing to have to modify the conditions that you already have over time and likely dealing with some issues long-term as you know it doesn’t fit into your landscape so I do have an episode about this which is really helpful in its episode. Eleven Kevin Talks about soil in why it matters and basically I’d go into all these different details. Various aspects of soil in really soil is is the foundational basis of our out door landscape. And it’s really really important to understand your soil so that way you can select the right eight plants for your space and your soil out front in your yard might differ from the soil in your side yard and new backyard and so it’s really important important to understand the topography of your landscape. How it’s maybe been affected by development compaction for example and and by solar exposure in Rozhin and and and those sorts of things and so that we can select the right plans for your space and deal with fewer maintenance issues long-term as you select the right plants. That are happy. Happy in the place you put them okay so number one get a soil test. Don’t do what I did and not do a soil test Number two. Oh you know what actually a great example of this is. I planted some blueberry bushes out front if you are from southwestern Ohio you know that are are clay Alkaline soil which means it’s a high ph does not do well for blueberries. BLUEBERRIES prefer acidic conditions. They generally prefer like sandy or loamy soil or at least a loan Clay and not dense clay with very little topsoil and high hi. Ph they do prefer city And so you know if you think about a lot of these blueberries come from kind of semi mountainous regions like the eastern United States In the Appalachian Mountains those mountainsides acidic And they grow in that kind of loose. Very shallow soils are very hardy plants. But they don’t like the soil we have in my area now. I made the blunder where I was like well. We had some pine somew- bushes growing right planted them for At least twenty years and so I figured those those pine needles dropping their consistently had kinda somewhat acidify acidified. The so now as it turns out I let these blueberry bushes struggle in this area before a doug them out with our current redesigned project for a front landscape which is beautiful and I’m super happy with the result. These blueberry bushes hadn’t even the roots hadn’t even grown out where the original pot location was. I I can still see the like the PD soil of the pot in the center. Where these routes were and then the dense clay around it and the roots have any hadn’t hadn’t even thought about penetrating that dense clay and so this is just a perfect example of why you need to get a soil test and it really makes a big difference and where I messed up okay? Next next.

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No survey I’ve talked about this again. This is the second example of things that I’ve talked about on the show and recommended. And I realize I haven’t done it on our current current property and so a survey is really important just to understand your boundaries. I mean a lot of this goes without saying right. So if you’re developing a project object especially that encroaches upon a property line. It’s really important to just have that assertive property line marked by an official survey. So you know. Oh where your lines are where your boundaries are. And what’s the limit of your development. Basically it’s really helpful for these projects it also resolves potential potential neighbor issues. If there’s a misunderstanding where that property line is once you have a survey come in and do it. It’s very clear where the line is and and likewise if you’re doing a construction type project like a shed. It’s often important to know the amount of setback from the property line. Or if you have an easement such as like drainage easement or a underground sewer line or an underground cable it’s important to know where those are based on or relative gift to the property line and you need to make those measurements appropriately. Okay so get a survey really important. Okay next I made an oversized cise way too ambitious vegetable garden in our kind of back corner. That was another design. Issue is locating. The vegetable garden is really important. The closer you can and located to somewhere you walk every day the more helpful it is because the more likely you will be walking through that without spending too much effort. Think about it. If you’re on the couch watching Netflix You know your feet propped up and everything after a long day of work. If your vegetable garden is right outside the window behind hind you buy. You’re watching that flex versus way in the back corner of your yard. You’re going to tend to the garden right outside the window and positive net flicks way more often and way more likely than you owe the one in the back of the corner of yards so locations important So that was another mistake Now that said where ours is located is where it’s located in the other mistake I made with. It is making way too big right so so starting off way too ambitiously. I grew up with my parents having a giant Vegetable Garden which was awesome. We put away tons of canned food each year ear from our garden and enjoyed it the bountiful harvest throughout the winter and into the spring until we can provide fresh food from the garden again and that was pretty awesome. I wanted that in our property and so I made this giant plot that was going to be a garden and then I ran out of time time and so basically what I have is giant weed. Patch that I prefer to call a naturalized area of attracting beneficial Organisms to our landscape but the reality is it was intended to be much more productive than it is now and I just haven’t had the capacity to tend to all that space and so what I would recommend is make sure you start small. Start small you can do an awful. That’s the other thing I’ve learned is you can do a ton in a very small space. So the more constrained you make it from the beginning the more creative you’ll be the better utilize is your space and the more likely you’ll be able to manage it. Intend to properly to get more bountiful produce per square foot okay And so I mean people grow a ton of food in a small four foot by six foot race bed. People crew a lot of food each year just a small plot like that so think of what what you can do with a small space and as you become more successful and know that you can establish a good healthy habit which is really important. Then you can expand hand and start to slowly expand from there. Okay so if you WANNA learn anything else about that. I haven’t episode episode thirty. One talks talks about front yard vegetables so these are vegetables. That are attractive. That are so nice. They can actually integrate them into your current garden. Bed right out front where you walk by then every single day and take care of them as needed so check. That out are a mistake. Number three or number four is buying clearance prince plants. Now this can be an okay thing if you do it the right way but let’s face it if you’re one of those clearance people that loves to get a good deal a lot of times. You’re not thinking design wise whereas this plant going to go. Did I planned it out properly or just really excited that this is a great deal and I’m GonNa get this plant and and figure out where I put it later all right.

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This is something I’ve done many times probably due again and I did it this year. I did did it last year. And even though I like to consider myself a designer I just especially. If they’re plants I love. I have a hard time passing up. I mean lows rose had a bunch of for example. I’m really big into grass’s right now. Native grasses they had a bunch of blue stem and switch grass on clearance for a dollar pot. Thought it was like. Oh gotTa have these and I haven’t quite figured out where they’re going to go at our landscape yet And so right now. They’re sitting kind of in a holding location. Still Fill in the POT Luckily I didn’t invest too much money in them and they should do well surviving the winter. That all said it’s really important when you’re selecting acting plants to plan for them. I plan where you going to design them in and and what you need in that space both from a planting needs so again going back to your soil types your solar exposure your water requirements What waters available there our That sort of stuff. It’s really important to understand all of that. Plus from a design standpoint the the size stature structure our growth habit of these plants Color all of those things are very important to figure out first before you go ahead and make any purchases regis’s so it’s much better to do a full on design I or you know a most of a design I understand pretty specifically what you need in that space and then go select plant. So that’s why buying clearance. Plants is generally not a good thing Instead unless of course they’re plants you specifically specifically are looking for in your landscape already if that’s the case maybe it’s a great deal otherwise you’re you’re probably going to end up with a lot of random plantings which creates eight some design in maintenance issues long term. So so I have I have to Plants I’ve planted out front to shrubs and one is a dogwood. Would another is a service berry so they’re kinda shrubs slash small small trees. They’re both planted independently as a solo planting. which is from An aesthetic point of view. Not The best thing to do and also from a maintenance point of view. They’re kind of a hassle because basically as I’m mowing the lawn that goes right up to the edge of each of these plants after Mo a circle around each one and go around it as mowing. And just the more you do that. The more you know the more irregular you’re moving has to become and the more work it becomes. It sounds small but as you do it Repeatedly it it really adds up and so it’s not worth it. Okay okay so you end up with random plants that cause maintenance and design Issues a you you deal with unplanned locations for these plants as I mentioned already and also the thing I haven’t mentioned yet about clearance fences. Sometimes a lot of times they could be damaged or diseased. Either there’s just from lack of care at the end of the season or they got put on clearance because somebody sprayed them with too much fertilizer direct the end the foliage Or you know. They’re diseased seized having issues or something so That’s just the reality. All right next point planting without design we already kind of talked about this with the buying the clearance transplants. But you end up with hodgepodge plantings there kind of random plantings which causey maintenance issues also causes. You design coherence issues so really important now. That’s all I’m going to say about this for now except for go over to episode forty three if you have issues of just throw slapping implants. Hey again I’m confessing to my own mistakes here so it’s okay right I’ve done this many times and so this isn’t something I’m pointing fingers anywhere but myself right now so but if you also have this tendency checkout episode forty-three which is how to design your yard hard like a pro so that’ll have some awesome tips to help you figure out how to design your yard like a pro okay all right next one demolition demolition of stuff without a replacement plan. Okay so what I mean here is if you tend to rip things out because they’re frustrating you I talked with a client back where they had just this overgrown fence and they wanted to rip everything out and it’s like okay. You can do that however you’ve got to figure out what going to replace it with and replace it with something that will out compete things from growing back in that same space causing the same exact issue. You currently have likewise. Likewise I’ve done this. I just did this in our front yard when we moved in because I was so frustrated we had these giant overgrown you bushes that Talked about already in this episode in many other episodes.

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I really didn’t like these you bushes. Obviously if you don’t WanNa you Bush as it’s also known as taxes It’s like Evergreen Bush that you see pretty much in front of every house in the nineteen fifties They’re you know trimmed into these block forms and and stuff And they’re just kind of all all admit they kind of look hideous to me and just not fun so we had these overgrown bushes all across the front of our house else. I didn’t like him so of course I ripped them out but the problem was. I didn’t really have a plan for what to do next. I didn’t have have the time the resources to really go in there and do the work to replace stuff until this past year so that was like four years ago. I rip these things out so we had four years of basically just an empty dirt weed bed and it was horrible horrible to look at. In retrospect it was actually probably probably better gasp. I don’t know I can’t I can’t believe I’m actually saying this but it was actually probably better to leave those uber. She’s in place just because they would have prevented tons of wheat issues that we ended up having their the they wouldn’t have been replaced by scrawny little blueberry bushes that did nothing and they would have just At least filled in the space right. So it’s better to have something. That’s they’re filling the space than to create a void a vacuum that’s going to create an ongoing maintenance. It’s issue instead okay so that’s really important Next bit Let’s see this is my last one one so we have one two three four five six. This is number seven so I had six blunders. I’ve talked man. I make a lot of mistakes. All right Next thing assuming things will not change around us. This is a big one because we all fall into this trap somewhat. I think you know changes tough for people right especially especially when it’s not something you’re doing you’re not instigating the change then. It can be difficult to a lot of time and this is really what I’m talking about here is is we are bordered by. Let’s see one two we’re boarded by four properties on our property line and I guess four in like a tiny tiny tiny tiny tiny little sliver of V one and of those five properties that adjoin us. We have influence over zero of those properties. Okay and that’s the reality. Yeah you might sale all you can influence it through your Hoa. You’re zoning code or whatever yes you could is generally not a fun thing to do. I’ll just let you know that out front But also really you don’t control what those people do with their property. It’s their property just like we don’t want people controlling what we do on our own property right. If you want to change the color of your mailbox you want to change the color of your mailbox right. If you WANNA cut your grass you wanna cut your grass. If you WANNA plant plant a tree you WANNA plant you get my drift right. And so we can’t control what people do with other properties and so what happened with us as we moved into this. This rundown house needed tons and tons of repair inside out landscape house structure And one of the things we he loved about it was out our back yard. We boarded up against a farm. It was the last one of the last remaining farms in our subdivision. And you you probably guess where this is or not subdivision in our township and you probably guess where this is going and so this beautiful farm used to be a horse farm actually and when we moved in. We’re actually a few horses there every once you peep out and see the horses Kinda grazing through beautiful farmhouse white farmhouse up on the hill. A little pond up there so so quaint. Such a quaint view. And there’s this beautiful I mean it was filled with you know honeysuckle. which isn’t it a so-called invasive around us but it was still a a beautiful buffer strip in between the farm and us that just gave us a nice gap feeling of privacy With a beautiful view at the same in time and so that was awesome until a year and a half after we moved in. It was decided that they were going to develop that space. Surprise right okay. We live in the sprawling suburbs. There’s a farm. It’s not really being used anymore. Of course it’s going to get sold for millions of dollars and get developed into now. Now we stare out at these mega homes behind us. That sold for massive amounts of money are squished together on tiny little plots smaller plot than our our property so instead of having this quaint farm behind us we now stare at the backs of these megalithic homes and and so the reality is is that we can’t control that. We kind of knew that this was going to happen eventually. We just didn’t expect it to happen right away. And assuming do things like this.

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Having certain expectations can lead to unnecessary disappointment and instead embracing the reality that we don’t control that space and it may change you know we may get different neighbors that we don’t enjoy what they do with their property or The property may get developed or there might be a home that gets demolished in in you know oh becomes a a a new construction whatever. We can’t really influence that. Instead we should focus on influencing our own property and that can really add to I guess increase a lot of the peace in contentment. You have in your life with your property and as things change. If you don’t don’t like it you try and adapt to it as best you can instead of being upset about the change. That’s happening that you can’t control okay. This is actually. I mean I have to give myself this lesson right again. I’m talking about my mistakes. I’m not lecturing here and in likewise we we tell this to our five year old. WHO’s dealing with this? A lot right now is dealing with things outside of his own control he has really worked up about and we all do right. We all tend to do this and so it’s a we need that constant reminder that whether or not were upset about this this change is going to happen and so so we can choose how we react to it and we can react to it. Negatively and let it affect us very negatively or we can try and adapt to it if figure out just how how to make the best of the situation and so I guess that’s kind of the message. I’m trying to give here now. I actually recorded again. Another episode on this episode fifteen. I talk about living with neighbors and how to really try and set up the best relationship possible. Sometimes it just doesn’t work out and that’s the reality. Unfortunately but most of the time we can make it work. It’s not always going to be roses. You know beautiful miss or whatever but we can try and make it work. It takes some effort sometimes and so. I have a lot of tips there and how to trying to enhance and set up the best situation to to live with your neighbors in a way that you can be mutually happy if not you know cordial okay. That’s pretty much a rap for today and really again to kind of come full circle with what I talked about at the beginning of the show my intent. Here’s to give you the confidence to move afford and make a positive change in your landscape and that sometimes mistakes happen and if you want to help with you know kind of becoming more confident in doing some of this stuff stuff. Check out the easy living yards membership going over to E. Y.. Dot how slash membership now from the membership. Let’s also talk about some of the links we talked about in today’s show. You can check out the show notes and there’s a link there to today’s plant the American beauty berry if you’re interested in checking that out also so links to the Previous episodes I talked about all about healthy soil. How to design your yard like a pro front yard vegetables and living with neighbors all right right? I also have a link to my all of my free resources so if you WANNA expert guide the ultimate diy mailbox installation guy to have that in in that link on my free list. I also have links to awesome plant guards if you just need help. Selecting some low maintenance plants I have I have a link or in their on finding your passion which houses that have anything to do with landscaping right. Well helping US find. Our passion helps us give direction and and directs us to prevent doing needless tasks in our landscape and spending you know working to improve our landscape to become beautiful and low maintenance so then we can spend more time on what we’re passionate about and what really is meaningful in our lives. So that’s really important to me. And so that’s why have awesome free resource there. So if you WANNA check out these free resources They’re free downloads. You just go over there and check them out And others like it also I. I have a rain calculator. If you want to figure out if you’re put in a rain garden or need to know how much drain drainage comes off your roof if you put in a new rain tanks ring containers or whatever check that out. I have tons of resources over there. Go check him out. Also if you have any questions you can just drop a link or drop on over to E. A. Y.. Dot how slash pod. I the Lincoln Shona Donuts of course to ask a question and right at the top of the page there. There’s a button that says ask a question you can get in touch with me. I’ll help you out all right guys. I have enjoyed this episode and these this self deprecating Expose of my mistakes and I hope you’ve enjoyed it too. I hope it helps you feel more comfortable we’ll and confident in your own. DIY landscaping in realizing that. It’s okay to make. Mistakes is better. Try and make mistakes than to do nothing at all all right. There’s Nah Nah self-deprecation rate. So I’m I’m willing to share my mistakes with you guys. It’s really it is You know a lot of what I do. I kind of liked to just experiment with things. It’s just my my nature to mess around with things experiment.

00:40:03 – 00:41:50

Things dive in headfirst. Sometimes I usually try and do the best research I can but sometimes you know inevitably without tons of experience variance sometimes or just inevitably whole we mess up right so as I try new things or whatever You know mistakes happen and so likewise I wanNa make sure that you feel comfortable that you can just go forward take action and be able to make a few mistakes yourself right. Action in progress is better than inaction. That’s what I believe at least so so go on out there. Make a few mistakes yourself make you know. Try Your best to make a positive change in your landscape in your life right. We’re trying and also make a beautiful healthy habitat healthy space for for other creatures around two good pollinator gardens good bird gardens right. Wildlife Habitat you know whether you have a tenth of acre or one hundred acres every little bit helps right now. We’ve developed so much of this land right that that Making a few mistakes with a good intent is better than trying to do nothing at all so go out there. Make some mistakes going over check out the show notes all the links for today’s episode easy living in yards dot com slash episode ninety eight. That’s right guys episode. Ninety eight easy living yards dot com slash episode. Ninety eight there. You’ll find links today show notes. It’s also check out. There’s a free download if you WANNA GET INFO on super easy plants for your yard. Works almost anywhere in the United States. If that doesn’t work for you you let me know all right Almost anywhere in the US. These plants will work so gone over. Check it out. Get some success for the plant in the ground get started today all right guys. Thanks for tuning in. Make sure you live with passion and make tomorrow better than today

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