Your Yard is Habitat-ELY111

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Show Notes – Your Yard is Habitat – Episode 111

Kara Maynard, Deeply Rooted Landscapes

Today I have the pleasure to welcome Kara Maynard of Deeply Rooted Landscapes in Dayton Ohio.  We’re chatting about “Your Yard is Habitat” – how your yard can make an impact and why you should care.

Scientists are learning that nature preserves and our fragmented habitats are not enough to support the little critters we love.  And without biodiversity, […]

Landscaping Ideas for Kids – ELY 057

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Backyard ideas for kids – Show notes

Kid friendly landscaping

Today’s Links:

How kids view, interact, and engage with their yards.

Today’s show covers how our kids enjoy our yard and what excites them about the outdoors.  This show inspires us to […]

Outdoor Winter Activities for Kids – ELY 052

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Show Notes

Today’s links:

Fun things to do in the winter outside

  • Stuff you need
    • Winter clothes
      • Snow pants or water resistant over pants
      • Hats
      • Insulated Winter Gloves […]

ELY 038 – Get more time with your family today!

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Spending more time together as a family – Show Notes

How to get more time for your family today

Today’s links:

  • Consultation special: Use code fall2018 at checkout!

ELY 037 – Outdoor Fall Activities for Kids

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Outdoor fall activities for kids – Show Notes

Today’s links:

Outdoor Fall Activities for Kids – Show Outline

  • Raking leaves
  • Leaf piles
  • Mudpies & Outdoor kitchen
  • Yard work help
  • Make […]

ELY 027 – Backyard Ideas for Kids

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Show Notes

Today’s episode we chat about what makes the backyard fun for kids!

What does a kid love about the backyard?

Creating rooms

  • Ambience
  • Escape
  • Imagination

Backyard fun: Creating space your kids want

  • A space to call their own
  • Outdoor playhouse
  • Makes a fun space for imagination
  • Able to get dirty
  • Able to be independent

Outdoor activities for kids – Space for kids to get creative

  • Incorporate multiple elements for interaction
  • Tactile elements
    • Moving
    • Changing
    • Building
    • Climbing
    • Swinging
  • […]

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