How to have a Low Maintenance Landscape

When it comes to front yard landscaping ideas, low maintenance landscaping can help you save time and enjoy more time with your family.

Here are the best ways to have a low maintenance landscape.

  1. Heavy mulch
  2. Organic fertilizer
  3. Low maintenance plants
  4. Garden edging
  5. Plant tightly

1. Best ways to get rid of weeds with mulch

Mulch is an awesome natural weed killer if you use it right.  Here’s what to do:

  • Get the best mulch you can. Avoid dyed mulch because it is usually full of toxins that are bad for your plants
  • Mulch heavy. I mean like 4-6 inches.  Anything less will get weeds.  Anything greater will be a great natural weed killer by shading out the soil.
  • Mulch once a year and enjoy the rest of the year

2. Best natural fertilizer for a healthy garden

The best natural fertilizer is compost.  Get a good source of compost and use it around your plants for healthy plants and healthy family.

  • Compost is a great organic fertilizer with tons of nutrients
  • Compost improves soil life, which reduces plant problems
  • Compost will not harm your family or pets like synthetic chemicals may

3. How to find low maintenance landscaping plants

Here’s what to look for to select the best easy plants to grow in your garden:

  • Know your sun, soil, pH, and moisture for your space
    • Example, full sun, rocky clay, acidic, and drought-prone
  • Know your climate zone – found here
  • Plan online before going to the nursery!
  • Use easy perennial plants that come back each year
  • Search for plants that fit your conditions
    • Most websites have plant search tools
    • I recommend you check native plant options!
  • Find plants that fit your zone and conditions!

4. Good Garden Edging

How to make good garden edging:

  • Select durable lawn edging and garden edging
  • Stone, concrete are most durable
  • Metal, durable plastic also options
  • Ensure proper depth and base preparation
  • Effort to install lawn edging and garden edging is well worth it long term!

5. Plant tightly to get rid of weeds

Here’s how to get rid of weeds with low maintenance plants:

  • Plan plants that will cover space completely when mature
  • The more shaded your soil, the fewer weeds will grow
  • Use ground cover plants to fill in gaps
  • Use easy plants to grow that don’t have disease problems or irrigation issues

That’s it!  These easy landscaping ideas will give you more time back for what’s most important for you!

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