Your Yard is Habitat-ELY111

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Show Notes – Your Yard is Habitat – Episode 111

Kara Maynard, Deeply Rooted Landscapes

Today I have the pleasure to welcome Kara Maynard of Deeply Rooted Landscapes in Dayton Ohio.  We’re chatting about “Your Yard is Habitat” – how your yard can make an impact and why you should care.

Scientists are learning that nature preserves and our fragmented habitats are not enough to support the little critters we love.  And without biodiversity, […]

Why do you matter?

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Why do you matter?  My commitment to a better world – Show Notes

Why the heck are we talking about living with purpose?  I thought this was a landscaping podcast?

Well, to me it’s obvious.  How you live your life and whether you live with purpose and intent affects everything else in your life.  Including your yard.  So let’s create a beautiful low maintenance landscape that you love and that makes the world better.

Let’s make a […]

ELY 032 – Living a Meaningful Life

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Today, we refocus on what is really important and remember to live with purpose.

Show Notes

Remembering Angie – my grandmother

  • We don’t control how much time we have.  We can control what we do with that precious time.
  • What is your legacy?

Today’s links:


ELY 030 – Living a purpose driven life

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Living with a purpose driven life – Show Notes

Today, we talk about living with passion and having a purpose driven life

Yes, I was bummed yesterday

  • Case of Mondays
  • Tendency to complexity

My beliefs

  • What we do matters
  • having a purpose driven life is important

Easy Living Yards purpose: 10% for people and planet

  • Food independence through local healthy food
  • Social welfare and healthy families through grass roots
  • Healthy childhood for all children – physical, cognitive, emotional

Today’s episode: […]

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