Why do you matter?  My commitment to a better world – Show Notes

Why the heck are we talking about living with purpose?  I thought this was a landscaping podcast?

Well, to me it’s obvious.  How you live your life and whether you live with purpose and intent affects everything else in your life.  Including your yard.  So let’s create a beautiful low maintenance landscape that you love and that makes the world better.

Let’s make a better world.

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What is the meaning of your life?  And how do you live with purpose and intent?

Making the world better starts with one person – you!

  • It starts with YOU
  • Change your yard.  Change your life.
  • How much negative energy comes from our yard?
    • HAVE to mow
    • HAVE to weed
    • HAVE to treat
    • “My yard isn’t good enough”
  • My goal:  Make it better!  Positive Energy!
    • Remove work burdens
    • help live with intent
    • replace neighbor envy with pride and purpose
  • How do you live better?
    • Low maintenance landscape design
      • Beautiful landscaping
      • Integrate communities
      • Easy landscaping to maintain
      • Support biodiversity in your yard
  • Change the world we live in
    • Redefine what it means to have a yard
      • Our yard is not a burden to maintain
      • Our yard is an asset
      • Our yard is a valuable piece of property that adds value to our lives.
        • space to live in
        • habitat and cohabitat
        • Pride and beauty
        • A place to grow
        • Value for our home

My hope:

Create communities that foster interconnectedness, holistic living, voluntary associations that reduce development impact and benefit the environment around us.

Are you in?

Are you ready to free yourself from your yard work routine?

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