Old Growth Forests with Joan Maloof – Show Notes

Have you ever wondered what life was like for Pocahontas?  I do.  Joan Maloof preserves the places that let you escape to a time before the earth was just a dead thing you can claim.

Joan Maloof of the Old Growth Forest Network is taking a stand.  She and her team are dedicated to preserving the last remnants of old growth forests across the eastern United States.  Find out why these ancient gems matter and what you can do about it too.

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Preserving our precious forests with Joan Maloof of the Old Growth Forest Network

  • Less than 1% of eastern old forests remain!
  • Why old growth forests are important
  • How old forests support biodiversity
  • How Joan’s tireless work can inspire you to make a difference
  • Secrets to forestry in your backyard
  • How can you help? psst… you already have!

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