Xeriscaping – Show Notes

Xeriscaping: Drought tolerant landscaping

Xeriscaping is creating drought-friendly landscaping that looks beautiful and is well-adapted to drought conditions.  Learn how to create your own drought-tolerant landscaping in today’s episode!

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What is Xeriscaping?

  • Xeriscaping is water-conscious landscaping

Origin of Xeriscaping

    • Stressed water infrastructure
    • Drought-prone areas
    • Landscaping without supplemental irrigation

How to Xeriscape your yard

  • Know your conditions
    • Soil type
    • Soil fertility/ organic matter
    • Water retention
    • Where water collects
  • Select the right plants
    • Well adapted
    • Drought-tolerant
  • Cover bare ground
    • Mulch
    • Rock mulch
    • Plants
  • Maintenance
    • Help plants establish through first year
      • Occasional watering
      • Weeding
      • Initial amendments
    • Clean 1-2 times per year
    • Address occasional issues as needed

That’s it!  Really!  The principles are simple!  With these basic xeriscaping principles, you can have a beautiful, drought-tolerant landscape that is easy to maintain!

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