DIY with Confidence – ELY 050

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DIY Landscaping with confidence

How to DIY your landscape with confidence


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Why I DIY.

  • Cost
  • Trust
  • Satisfaction
  • What’s in the cards for now
  • Doing it my way
  • Having confidence


How […]

ELY 043 – How to design your yard like a pro

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Design your DIY landscaping like a pro – Show Notes

How to start designing a landscape

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What you need to do to begin a new […]

ELY 042 – How to find your landscape design style

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How to find your design style – Show Notes

What is your design style?

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ELY 024 – Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

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Show Notes: Easy Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

Today, you find easy front yard landscaping ideas to make your front yard pop!  Learn the primary focus areas that make the greatest impact on your front yard.

Goal with most front yards

  • Curb Appeal
  • Welcoming
  • Easy

Property edge

  • Mailbox
  • Driveway
  • Frame property edge
    • Visual interest
    • Focal frame to welcome


  • Walkway and front porch or front door
  • Wide walkway
  • Border entry path to guide visually
  • Allow access to yard

How to have a Low Maintenance Landscape

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How to have a Low Maintenance Landscape

When it comes to front yard landscaping ideas, low maintenance landscaping can help you save time and enjoy more time with your family.

Here are the best ways to have a low maintenance landscape.

  1. Heavy mulch
  2. Organic fertilizer
  3. Low maintenance plants
  4. Garden edging
  5. Plant tightly

1. Best ways to get rid of weeds with mulch

Mulch is an awesome natural weed killer if you use it right.  Here’s what to do:

  • Get the best mulch you can. […]

The Easiest Plants for the Eastern US

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If you live in the eastern United States, this article is a must read for your landscape ideas.

Get the expert opinion of low maintenance landscape designers from across Ohio on the top low maintenance plants they use in their designs for front yard landscaping.  Many of these are beautiful native plants that you probably never knew would look great in your garden!

Below is a list of easy perennial plants for the eastern United States, followed […]

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