Epic Gardening Podcast 2 – ELY 066

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Epic Gardening, Part 2 – Show Notes

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Epic Gardening with Kevin Espiritu – Part 2

5. Easy ways to boost curb appeal

DIY Landscaping Mistakes

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Avoid these DIY landscaping mistakes! – Show Notes

Avoid these common DIY landscaping mistakes to save time, money, and stress in your landscaping!  These DIY landscaping blunders are easy to avoid which will help make your yard look awesome and bring you more joy and relaxation!

Who doesn’t love that?!?!

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Front yard Landscaping with Confidence – ELY 056

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Front Yard Landscaping Update – Show Notes

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Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

Update on our front yard landscaping project

  • Finished!
  • Goals
    • Enhance access
    • Enhance beauty
    • Increase value
    • Reduce maintenance
    • Increase pride
    • Express regional character
    • Demonstrate process
  • How we measured up to our goals
    • Access

DIY with Confidence – ELY 050

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DIY Landscaping with confidence

How to DIY your landscape with confidence


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Today is the founding launch of the membership!

Become a founding member!


Why I DIY.

  • Cost
  • Trust
  • Satisfaction
  • What’s in the cards for now
  • Doing it my way
  • Having confidence


How […]

ELY 047 – DIY Landscaping best from 2018

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Best DIY Landscaping tips from 2018 – Show Notes

Thank you for such an amazing year!  I’ve had a blast with launching this podcast, and have enjoyed helping you to make a positive impact in your yard and life.  As a reward to yourself, please take a moment to reflect on how you can live with more passion, and make tomorrow better than today! 

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ELY 026 – Low Maintenance Landscaping Ideas

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Show Notes: Low Maintenance Landscaping Ideas

Take action in your yard with these low maintenance landscaping ideas!  If you want easy landscaping and more time, use these simple landscaping ideas to transform your yard and life!  Yes, it really makes a difference!

Low maintenance landscaping can help you save time and enjoy more time with your family.

Here are the best ways to have a low maintenance landscape.

  1. Get rid of weeds
  2. Best Organic fertilizer or natural […]

ELY 023 – Easy Plants for Low Maintenance Landscaping

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Find easy plants for easy landscaping

Today, you’ll learn how to find the best plants for low maintenance landscaping.  If you’re looking to have easy landscaping in your yard, these tips will help you find the right low maintenance plants for your yard.

Show Notes:  Low Maintenance Landscaping Plants

  • These tools find the right plants for your yard
  • Not a list of plants
  • There is no one ‘best plant’
  • The best plant is the one that

ELY 022-I got busted! Property maintenance violations and what to do

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Show Notes

Today, you get to learn about how I got BUSTED!  Getting a property maintenance violation can be frustrating when you are trying to convert to low maintenance landscaping.  Here’s what to do.

  • Our story
  • Violations can be emotional and stressful
    • Frustrating
    • Infuriating
    • Embarrassing
    • Difficult
    • Want to retaliate
  • How to deal with one
    • Stay calm
    • Always context behind event – try not to use as an excuse
    • Investigate source of violation

ELY 021-Don’t Get Busted! HOAs and Municipal Zoning Regulations

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Show Notes

Today, we talk about how to live in an HOA or municipal zoning area with regulations… without getting busted!

We want to be able to enjoy our low maintenance landscaping without having to work on it all of the time.  Here’s how you can have an easy landscape and enjoy it too!

  • HOA
    • Homeowners association
    • Regulate appearance and design of properties
  • Municipal codes
    • Codes written to regulate property design
    • Setback requirements, easements
  • How to […]

ELY 020 – Surprise Episode!

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Show Notes


  • Big change!
  • Easylivingyards.com

This is my Why

  • I am driven by two things
    • living a better life with my family,
    • making tomorrow better than today
  • Because of my why, I want to help you and your family live a better life
  • About life
  • Improving how you live
  • Live with passion
  • Make tomorrow better than today
  • Spend time with family
  • Your life is not for your yard
  • Your yard is for your life
  • Lets […]
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