Epic Gardening, Part 2 – Show Notes

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Epic Gardening with Kevin Espiritu – Part 2

5. Easy ways to boost curb appeal

  • Front garden
    • Frame the house with plantings
    • Keep it clean
    • Use varied structure
  • Entry walk
    • Make it appear wide
    • Unrestricted = welcoming
    • Frame with low plantings
  • Front porch
    • Use simple décor
    • Keep it clean
    • Add seasonally appropriate accents
    • A few touches make a big difference
  • Overall view
    • Use a few accents for interest
    • Reduce clutter
    • Reduce non-ornamental items
  • Make it interesting – add varied structure, color, etc
      • trash cans
      • vehicles
      • cheap-looking items
    • Address bare spots, overgrown areas, obstructed views

6. Neighbors, HOAs, and growing anyway

  • Key to good neighbor relationships
    • Open communication
    • create a welcoming space
    • patience
    • reduce visible clutter
    • offer free food
    • tell your story – a hero’s journey
    • remain cordial
  • Keys to gardening in an HOA
    • Blend in!
    • Use time saving hacks to reduce unwanted work
    • Integrate edibles into planted beds
    • Look for plants with good structure and ornamental value
    • Leaf shape, plant structure, color
    • keep your beds trimmed
    • Integrate beds with year-round interest
      • evergreens
      • grasses
      • hardscape

7. How to rock being a parent gardener

  • Kids first
    • memories are made with the little things
    • Kids grow up fast
  • Involve your kids in your projects
  • Projects will take longer.  They will be more memorable
    • Kids love to feel part of your work
  • The new perfect is the family memories
  • Time is more valuable than timelines – spend it with what you value
  • Our garden yield this year – best ever
    • a few fruits and vegetables, priceless smiles

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