Avoid these DIY landscaping mistakes! – Show Notes

Avoid these common DIY landscaping mistakes to save time, money, and stress in your landscaping!  These DIY landscaping blunders are easy to avoid which will help make your yard look awesome and bring you more joy and relaxation!

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Top DIY Landscaping mistakes

  • Common DIY landscaping mistakes

    • Planting without planning
      • Wrong plants
      • Utility, structure, and hardscape issues
    • Poor access
    • Clutter
    • Too much lawn
    • Not budgeting for landscape design
  • How to find DIY landscaping mistakes

    • What takes extra work
    • What causes problems
    • What looks ugly or feels unnecessary
    • diseased plants, foundation problems, routine trimming
  • Fixing and avoiding DIY landscaping mistakes

    • Plan first, plant last
    • Plan for maturity of plants
    • consider long term maintenance needs
    • Account for plant needs – sun, soil, etc
    • Account for utilities and existing structures
    • Avoid solo plantings and impulse buys

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