Show Notes


  • Big change!

This is my Why

  • I am driven by two things
    • living a better life with my family,
    • making tomorrow better than today
  • Because of my why, I want to help you and your family live a better life
  • About life
  • Improving how you live
  • Live with passion
  • Make tomorrow better than today
  • Spend time with family
  • Your life is not for your yard
  • Your yard is for your life
  • Lets make it easy
  • Lets make yards for living

Since this is the first show as The Easy Living Yards Podcast, starting with a big first!

  • First interview show
  • Two individuals that are a major influence for why I launched this endeavor

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this is the easy living yards podcast
I’m your super-excited host Ben Hale
let’s jump in and learn how to have a
healthy beautiful yard with less work so
you can enjoy more time doing what you
love what’s up and welcome to episode 20
of the easy living yards podcast wait a
minute what did you hear that that’s
right guys I have a big change to
announce today if this is your first
episode I’m super excited you hear and
you know I have to listen to anything
about what I’m just about to say right
here but if you guys have been listening
to any previous episodes you know that
we have been the aesthetic ecosystems
podcast and we are making a big change
today that’s right I am announcing our
new brand for this podcast and for our
company and our new name is easy living
yards and the easy living yards podcast
so of course you can go to easy living
yards dot-com it’s a little easier to
spell a little easier to understand and
that in a nutshell is why we’re changing
our brand entity and really I just
wanted to have a clearer message to
reach folks like you to help change our
lives through our yards that’s what
we’re really all about now I’m gonna get
into this a little bit more later but
before that I also want to announce
another big change so that’s right – big
changes in one day and so aside from
changing our brand the other big change
is this is our first interview show
that’s right so I am bringing on not one
but two people today to interview and
these are very very special people to me
that have made a huge impact on my
company in my brand and I want to share
that with all of you so you guys can
also touch into a little bit of my
passion and to understand more about why
we’re here so let’s go ahead and
introduce these two amazing people now
these two individuals both have had a
major influence on why why I’d totally
launched this endeavor to begin with why
I launched aesthetic ecosystems why I’m
moving to the east
living yards brand and why I’m keep
moving forward to reaching more people
and making a big difference in
everybody’s lives through our yards so
we can live more passionately with our
families these two people are both very
courageous they’re striving for
greatness every day of life and they
live life fully and in the moment and
that’s what I really admire also these
two people are great teachers of what’s
really important in life and focusing on
those things if that’s not enough
they’re also two of my biggest
supporters for this show and for my
company and for that I am incredibly
incredibly thankful and so without
further ado I’d like to introduce
sequentially Lucas Hale and Adam Hale
that’s right my two older boys these
guys are a huge huge inspiration for me
and I really want to bring them on and
just share their insights with you guys
and to hear their voices in their words
what we’re all about here hi I’m Lucas
how are you okay good
welcome to the podcast are you excited
to be here yes yes can you say how old
you are
five five yeah what are some of your
favorite activities I’m going down to
the slide into a pool going down the
slide into the pool yeah what else do
you like to do and play outside play
outside those are some fun things what
do you like to play outside they’re
really into the pool right now is that
fun can you tell everybody what we did
for the pool just the other day no we
did for a pool over there just the other
day what did we do we turned our play
jumps like into a waterslide how do we
do that um what’s your sprinkler
what’s the hose clips to play Jim this
sprinkler and spray it onto a slide that
we went down into the pool
into the pool which where was the pool s
in the pool
probably it was under a slide and we
went down it and splash into a pool well
it doesn’t sound like you had very much
fun yes yeah that was fun wasn’t it yeah
we did that for Father’s Day didn’t we
oh yeah that was a fun Father’s Day
thank you
do you think mommy and daddy have enough
time to play with you yes we do easy
wish we had more time to play with you
yes yeah how much more time up higher
than our space her space that’s a lot of
time mm-hmm
what would you like to do with mommy and
daddy with all that time playing what
ever option to die and mommy have oh
yeah all the options you like it when we
give you the options of what to play
yeah what’s with some of your favorite
options I’m miss my rich boy
Oh miss Margaret’s pool yeah the fire
trucks think in this Margaret’s pool
it’s a blitz it blows up with air and
then you can get on it it floats yeah
hey do you like being on the podcast
yeah all right well I have some more
questions for you doing it you want to
hear some more questions yeah do you
remember what our new name is living
yards that’s right easy living yards and
do you know what that means
no what do you think it means having a
healthy having a healthy yard
having a healthy yard yeah do you think
it’s hard or easy to do that that’s what
we want right yeah
one that’s right that’s good would you
like to have more time together as a
family yes yes why because so we can
play a lot we can play a lot that’s
important right
yeah is there anything else you want to
tell everybody you like what did you
think I was gonna ask you today did you
have any questions you thought I was
gonna ask you what plant know what plant
you listened to the native plants
podcast didn’t you yeah an exotic ones
yeah do we have any native plants
akanishi Shay that’s right echinacea
where do we have that growing we have
echinacea grown there front
flower flower bed by a porch that’s
right it’s pretty and ones done blooming
one Sun blumen are there more that came
up today yeah there’s more that came up
today all right well I think that’s all
for today i with the podcast oh thank
you for coming on the podcast Lucas
you’re welcome
I had fun with you I have I wish you bye
hi Adam how are you
dang good can you say how old you are
deal – yeah and what letter does your
name start with Oh a yeah that’s right
what is something fun that you did today
dang you got a drink that was fun did
you go anywhere today
no did you go anywhere that splashed no
the pool yes yes did you have any fun
today yes
use your words we’re going to do a booth
today I went to the pool today
oh great what do you like to play
outside I’m standing shed toys what kind
of shed toys do you have um
Glee’s drivers drivers yes you like to
play with your screwdrivers what else
shovels yeah we have all sorts of tools
in the shed don’t we yeah you work hard
with your tools yes yeah what’s the best
thing you like to do outside – that’s a
microphone hmm that’s what we’re talking
into that’s what hears us do you like to
play with mommy and daddy use your word
yes yes what do you like to do with
mommy and daddy what’s something you
like to do they out
play out back oh yeah that’s fun what is
something you like to do with your big
brother my little brother
your big brother who’s your big brother
yes Lucas yeah what do you like to do
with Lucas it’s raining it’s raining oh
my goodness it is raining right now
while we’re talking in the podcast huh
wow that’s pretty cool do you like to do
anything with Lucas I like did you sure
you’re not sure what you like to do do
you like to play with toys with him yes
yeah what do you like to do with your
who’s your little brother
oh well Caleb what do you like to do
with him do you give him lots of
something lots of toys
what about kisses yes yes yeah we’ll
listen to it after we’re all done okay
what is the favorite thing you’d like to
do with our family
we’re gonna work on my computer is that
what daddy does a lot yeah
is there something fun you like to do as
a family what play around with my art
kitty cat yeah
what is the silliest thing that Daddy
does what hide-and-seek that’s silly
yeah well thank you for coming on the
podcast Adam you owe gum you’re welcome
yeah you did a great job talking there
bye-bye bye-bye
are you making noises
whether you have it guys from their
mouth directly from the guys that really
inspire me they’re a huge part of my why
and what’s my why
well my why is what makes me get up in
the morning what makes me tick you know
and and I hope you guys have a why to
and it’s not necessarily just one thing
and that’s why I said they’re a big part
of my why I am driven by two major
things here first is living a better
life with my family and second making
tomorrow better than today that’s in the
closing tag line for the show right and
there’s a reason for that so because of
my why I want to help you and your
family live a better life as well that’s
right this podcast while we talk mostly
about landscapes and plants and yard
work and stuff like that this really
this podcast is about life it’s
improving how you live that’s what we’re
really talking about here
the reason we’re looking to save time
and our landscapes is so we can do other
things and live with passion so
we can make tomorrow better than today I
want you to be able to spend more time
with your family and the people that you
love and doing the things that are more
important than mowing the lawn your life
is not for your yard your yard is for
your life and that’s why we’re
rebranding to easy living yards let’s
make it easy
let’s make yards for living and with
that guys I want to wrap up today just a
couple little things real quick I’ve put
links in the show notes to easy living
yards com just to help you navigate to
the new website if you go to aesthetic
ecosystems calm you’ll still make it to
easy living yards calm if you have any
questions for the show going over to
easy living yards calm slash pod and
there you can ask a question there’s a
link in the show notes likewise if you
want to go deeper on any of this stuff
you can reach out to me for consultation
and there’s a link in the show notes for
that as well so everyone thank you for
tuning in and make sure you live with
passion and make tomorrow better than
today[Music] say something say testing that day I
want to see how it works
oh yeah work