I Speak for the trees!  – Show Notes

Today we talk about these amazing creatures that live longer than humans and are way more numerous than humans.  Trees!  Trees are amazing creatures, and they need our help.  YOUR help!  Here are things you can do for the trees and why it matters today more than ever.  EV-ER.

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I speak for the Trees.  Do you?

  • We have changed most of the surface of our planet!
  • Trees are highly beneficial for the earth AND for your yard!
  • Benefits of trees in your yard
    • Shade
    • Property value
    • Anchor soil
    • Cooling
    • Beauty
  • Habitat benefits of trees
    • Bird habitat
    • Insect habitat
    • Animal habitat
    • Climate moderation
    • Oxygen!
    • Harnessing sunlight energy
  • You speak for the trees too!
  • Each of our yards can be an oasis
    • Our own nature preserve
    • Beautiful landscaping
    • Restored habitat
    • Urban forest
  • What can you do to improve wildlife habitat?


We have lost so much.  What will you do to repair our damage to the environment?


  • Suzanne Simard
    • Tree communication
    • Mycorrhizal fungi and roots

“Infinite biological pathways that connect trees and allow them to communicate and allow them to behave as if it’s a single organism”

“Forests aren’t simply collections of trees. They’re complex systems with hubs and networks that overlap and connect trees and allow them to communicate, and they provide avenues for feedback and adaptation, and this makes the forest resilient.”

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Speak for the Trees! ELY088

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What’s up I’m Ben Hale and I speak for the trees welcome to episode eighty eight of the easy living we’re talking about the trees trees are so important no matter where you live trees are awesome these shows are really about diving deep understanding our commitment my commitment and your commitment to the all this stuff to destroy our environment through her landscapes basically there’s so many chemical inputs so many greenhouse gases generated all that stuff guys so much bad stuff through landscaping so how do we spend that into a positive that’s what the back so you heard me last week now fast forwarding into the future to today’s show and the month of October cards and also a renewed commitment for you for the environment as well K. Today is an extension of that today environment and to the world around us to mother Earth to our people to humanity all that big stuff all right and to okay so today it’s GonNa be a little bit of different show just like last week I actually am recording both of these shows back to Troch has to be at least one hundred years old maybe one fifty to two hundred it’s reaching the top of the canopy and spreading its limbs out wide its beauty hoarding and I proclaimed that intro from a giant tree stop just like the lyrics so this is my moment to shine right this episode is for the trees right I don’t know if you hear the wind blowing above me I’m outside right now in a beautiful neighborhood park making this all keeping up with the Joneses attitude right there’s so much negativity so much embarrassment so much I have to do this I have to do that that we get caught up in thinking we have to do awesome book br grassroots environmentalism and really impactful for me for one and today this episode we’re really here okay we get so caught up in the day to day grind keeping up with the Joneses right that’s so bad for landscaping as the a crack myself up but it’s the reality I’m standing in a beautiful beautiful woodland setting right now I’m looking off in the distance I see four K. has archetype for beautiful for us as the mature old oak rate but the reality is forests are beautiful force you’ve changed so much of our planet guys we have changed so much of this planet from antiquity today and especially in the last fifty to one hundred breath of October is about if you didn’t listen to last week’s show I strongly encourage you go back and check it out it was about my commitment to the environment my story in Y for easy living here trees are major part of that we hear all the time about deforestation I shared a little factoid and last episode I’m going whether you have a one gallon planter fifty acres you can grow your own version of a forest we pursue important for our planet and for us so I wanNA spend some time today to talk about the force and also how you can translate in planet has lost its ability to buffer itself against changes to me that’s a major cause for why we’re seeing all these crazy big events adversary of Canada every year that’s unsustainable new and I when we go to Lowe’s or home depot I watched a video earlier by Suzanne Simard she gave a Ted talk she but whether it’s direct or indirect is still important caring for the force in the world around you also echoes into your landscape as well the into your own micro-forest for your yard that’s what today’s about I always want to loop back to landscaping because this is a landscaping show it again today we hear about news about the deforestation Amazon it’s horrible right the reality is that’s going on everywhere is a forest ecologist for British Columbia she shared the fact so I credit her completely with this factoid Candida is deforesting at a rate of three point six percent of land mass per year three point six percent of the entire here’s some other benefits of trees they tracked birds okay some people say they hate bird poop right I get it we’re seeing more and more major weather events major forest fires all those things those are due to human change whether the cause of it is something in the Oh and by those two by fours we are partly responsible for that I’m not saying we just have to stop buying two by fours all the time but we need to be more conscious as pests a lot of trees flowering they attract all sorts of pollinators butterflies? You maybe haven’t read enough Dr Seuss for one and also that’s a quote from the lower tax rate I’m the Lord I speak for the trees all right I love that book it’s an atmosphere down here.

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Td I believe is just overall the impact of human change the reduce of buffering systems of our planet yes we have changed so much of this planet and it’s been at the major major cost of our environment and we’re now starting to see some of those ill effects yeah a lot of things are attributed to climate change or global warming whatever you WANNA call it whatever the name of the day is but the reality is yard for your home it can reduce your energy bills if you put it in right it provides beauty guys trees are amazing all other levels of life can use including humans crazy stuff all right so you hear me speak for the trees they turn sunlight into carbon like carbon dioxide they use sunlight to turn carbon here’s their food sources for so many creatures trees are amazing guys they provide climate moderation plants and algae producers the means they create energy out of seemingly nothing energy that do you really not like butterflies. What about Serbia moths? Those things are amazing you don’t know what they are looking up it’s on awesome they’re huge they’re crazy looking huge moths they look like a butterfly what about animals okay come on everybody loves him we can help create an urban forest urban forestry is a big deal now a lot of people when they think urban forest three they think about else right squirrels sometimes they’re pests but they’re beautiful the roosting homes for so many very important creatures that used to live in your yard before it got developed so why don’t we bring some of that back in our yards valued going up right so plant a tree here’s some of the other benefits provides shade it anchors your soil provides cooling buffer for have you ever seen a Baltimore Oriole maybe you don’t live where Baltimore Orioles from have you ever had a Haukeland tree next to you if you ever had an owl release something if you live in the desert maybe it was Cactuses right CACTI I think that’s the right word trees have so many benefits for your yard the increase your property value if that doesn’t make you change what does everybody loves their property nature preserve in our yards bringing treason landscape crease that beautiful landscape that we all love it crease restored habitat for creatures about what we do that’s what today’s shows about trees has so many benefits when we we go all the way to the other end right let’s talk about our yard what can you do to improve wildlife habitat in your yard again before developed let me show you some quotes from her talk that I watched recently trees act citing the actual usable carbon for everything else in the world that’s just mind blowing Lee amazing to me they’re so producers trees acres of oxygen out there that phytoplankton