Safe and Natural Weed Control – Show Notes

Today’s links:

Safe and natural weed control for weed problems

  • Why we hate weeds

    • Desire for order
    • Ugly plants
    • Wrong plant, wrong place
  • Why conventional options are bad

    • Unsafe – kids, pets, you
    • Kills pollinators
    • Broader environmental impact
      • Leaves your property
  • What to do

    • Are you committed to safety of family, environment?
  • Short term – natural way to kill weeds

    • Organic & natural weed killer
    • Remove them (ugh)
    • Embrace them
      • Learn about them
      • Learn why they’re there
      • Focus on the long term fix
      • Thank them for teaching you
  • Mid term – natural way to kill weeds

    • Mulch beds thicker
    • Lawn
      • Aerate if compacted in fall
      • Dethatch if needed in fall
      • Feed with top dressing of sifted compost
      • Overseed after interventions
  • Long term – natural way to kill weeds

    • Reduce lawn area
    • Improve soil
    • Create low maintenance beds

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