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How can you easily entertain outdoors without breaking the bank or getting overwhelmed?

  • Kirsten Dunlap and Graham Smith from the Welcome Home Podcast

  • Awesome podcast – “The Home-Ec class you wish you’d been given”

    • Funny, enjoyable!
    • How to entertain
    • How to manage a home with ease
  • Your guide to outdoor entertainment

    • Welcome Home’s TOP secrets to why everyone loves their parties
    • Graham’s illegal trick for a good party
    • Why Kirsten loves Home Depot more than Party City
    • How Kirsten and Graham would make-over Ben’s yard for a party
    • What makes a swankalicious party

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Outdoor entertainment with Welcome Home-ELY085

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What’s up. I’m Ben Hale and this is the easy living yards podcast. Creating Beautiful Yard should be easy. Let’s jump in in create the Dream Yard. You deserve so you can enjoy more time doing what you love. welcome to episode eighty five of the easy living yards podcast guest today. We’re talking about easy swanky outdoor entertainment with welcome home. That’s right. I’m inviting two guests on the show today the co-hosts of the welcome home podcasts Hereson Dunlap and Graeme Smith. I’m super excited to bring them on the show today and you will hear the the excitement in their voices as well. We are so excited that I didn’t really give them a proper introduction and had a hard time stopping the conversation the station to do so they were so excited to share some awesome wonderful tips about outdoor entertaining and I’m so glad brought them on the show today because I am certainly not the expert in this space I could stand to learn a lot as you will hear from today’s show on how to properly outdoor entertain and so I want to give you guys a quick introduction on who cure sting dunlap and Graeme Smith are and what their podcast is about and then also just a little bit about today’s show so before we dive in a pretty much head first and really get the best nuggets about outdoor entertainment tips from Houston and Graham so straight straight from there by Oh Kirstin Dunlap and Graeme Smith met their Freshman Year of College at Washington and Lee University and it stayed best friends for more than twenty years they currently it live on opposite sides of the country with their husbands and families there are the CO hosts of the popular podcasts. Welcome home formerly known as the home our podcast cast grameen Kirstin are passionate about elevating everyday life with beauty and tench analogy and a whole lot of silliness laughter though they don’t ever take themselves too seriously seriously they are super serious about Creating Fund Joyful Memories and Experiences for the people they love so really I discovered Pearson and grams podcast just kind of scrolling through various podcast feeds and have really fallen in love with their show. I mean they’re they’re energy shows through each podcast and and I will oh admit most of their audience is a predominantly female audience and I’m one of the few male listeners but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be an enjoyable show for anybody listening so I thoroughly enjoy the show it it just brings a little bit of laughter a little bit of fund into the day and and they really teach also some really practical practical tips just for living everyday life and to make it fun and enjoyable and that’s what I love about their show really is is it’s how to take the ordinary and just make it lovable right right and that’s just a a wonderful piece that they add through their welcome home podcasts into my life and I hope that you you can check out their show as well and maybe find the same discover the same as well. They have awesome guests on as well to talk about various topics. They just had the owner of the Ritz ritz-carlton the founder of Ritz Carlton on the show the other day it was really cool and so I really encourage you to go check out their show. The welcome home podcast pretty much much where every podcast wherever podcasts exists you can find them and you can also go to their website at the welcome home podcasts dot com and you can check check out their resources there as well. They have some awesome resource pages attached to each show as well so what’s Today’s show about so easy swanky outdoor entertaining with welcome home. I know I have to say swanky is my adjective not there’s no if they condone my proper usage of swanky for talking about their show but basically what today’s show is about is how can you easily entertain outdoors without breaking the bank or getting overwhelmed and in my experience. It’s just every time we entertain. It’s it’s always fun right. It’s always fun to having people over at the end. There’s always kind of a nice like Oh that that was nice and then looking around and saying oh my goodness. This is a mess but the preparation for us is generally stressful experience or generally overwhelming experience. So how can we really. Maybe change that process. That’s what we’re getting into today so both Kirstin and Graham from the welcome home podcasts. Ask are going to be talking about outdoor entertainment their top secrets to why everyone loves their parties WE’RE GONNA learn about grams illegal trick for a good party which I don’t necessarily condone breaking the law but it sounds like a good tip why Mike here’s ten loves Home Depot more than Party city for her party planning efforts how Kirsten and Graham both would make over my yard for a party and what makes us Swank Delicious Party of course so again.

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They’re podcast. It’s the home EC class. You wish you’d been given is what they usually talk about their show as it’s funny it’s enjoyable. They teach you how to entertain. They teach you how to manage a home with ease and now they’re gonNA teach us about outdoor entertaining with welcome home so cure Jason Gram. Take it away all right guys. I’m super excited to welcome Cureton Dunlap and Graeme Smith from the welcome. Come home podcasts. Welcome girls thanks for having US bed Ben Spinner Buddy for a while now our really excited about this so ben I I know you’re a good listener to welcome home and that is incredibly impressive. So then you’ve heard us talk about our other male listener but not really mad Freddie from Germany so I think we’re going to start giving in a lot of shoutouts to a woman you can’t this is I know but we never hear from men who liked the show and sweet ben loves it and lessons and he’s he’s running a real sugar and we have a little bit more professional. Okay you asked us for tips on entertainment and how we party and we party a lot and carson when I pulled out I have to say I honestly feel like you should charge for this episode. We’re giving you like our best and kissed him as writing this because we can co collaborate on our outlines. My Care Status sure given the goal strap on your seatbelt. I’m super excited than this is awesome and I do want to say I am. Admittedly this is full disclosure disclosure. I am an addict of your show and I can be the first openly addicted guy into your show and it’s so fun just listening to you guys banter back and forth and talk about home entertaining which I could use tons and tips and pointers on so it’s it’s really helpful but also just really fun especially in stressful traffic or whatever it’s just really. That’s really kind of you to save and thank you well. We’re excited beautiful yard and outside outside space so we thought we’d do today was kind of help. In planning you know we thought we’d give our top tips on how to not be stressed with party planning but also so planning for weather planning to bring the outdoors inside because we know that you love things that grow as do we but we’re going to try to orient some of our tips around around so curious and you want to start yeah. I love this question. I love this topic because I live in Phoenix just to give some context. I live in Phoenix Arizona so Graham. We’ll probably be talking about. Whether are there a little bit more. She’s in Birmingham. Actually she’ll be talking about it a lot more because they have crazy weather every time. I talk to grab this NATO or rain storm or a hurricane or I mean you guys get locusts everything everything low guests. It’s literally like the plagues fires anyway my I have a little bit better than Phoenix Arizona. You know obviously taking out this the summer months but all parties are outdoors. I can’t even imagine entertaining inside so I love this topic so wow this is great then because we feel so claustrophobic with every party we have because to be honest. Sometimes we’re a little embarrassed to have a party outside too so I’m super excited just for our own selfish reasons and I’m sure everybody is. Why do you feel embarrassed well. Her Yard can use a lot of work. Even though we talk about having a beautiful yard on the show our yard can use a lot of work we we moved into a house elsewhere. The back yard was a pit. It was literally a mudpit with box springs in rusty metal and broken glass in it so it looks much better now but that’s it’s where we started so so that’s how we started out being embarrassed but fill it with people and we’re. GonNa help you we’re going to we didn’t learn yeah. My thought is it’s always I have three small children. They’re getting older but I thought that would make things cleaner. It’s not things are always cleaning cleaner outside so just from the effort of just cleaning up a party. You’re already head and shoulders about it. She do it outside and hose everything off at the end of the day so I love outside just for it’s easier on me and I think there were highs. Hi Joie by default and this really can even apply to I mean I’m thinking backyard barbecue but really even fancied beautiful parties. We’ve all seen those kind of inspirational photos on instagram with these gorgeous table skates but there’s something about candlelight inside. That’s kind of stuffy but outside. It’s just charming so I think bringing the bringing the outside whether it’s casual or formal always win. I’m also you get to us. We already have I kind of jokingly wrote. My note that God is your co host so so he’s in charge of decor which I love because you can use all the beautiful things outside your trees your flowers now when do parties inside by the way just to clarify throw Christmas party every we are and I cut leaves and branches off of my Pine Tree Pine Tree and even pine cones and I have a bunch of I have a white picket fence covered and rose bushes but they’re lady banks rose bushes so I don’t know if you’re familiar with those.

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Are you familiar with those. It all been there onyx lady. I’m sorry I’m sorry no. They’re not no they’re not. I’m lying there. Iceberg rose bushes okay not familiar so okay so they’re fabulous for this could be a regional thing but they’re fabulous for a white white picket fences because they just bloom insanely and you don’t have to do any prudent because I have a couple of real rose bushes that are useless to me because I don’t pronounce it forget about them. It’s not thank but these iceberg roses are so beautiful on offense or just any yard in a Bush form but they’re not like the kind of roses you cut and brand to a vase. Well let me tell you if you’ve got a beautiful table scape. You can throw a bunch of those on. They’re going to be dead in eight hours. They’re going to serve their purpose and that’s great says things that maybe you won’t go to a store and buy a bouquet of you know when you’re using them and decorating a table escape. There’s a little more creativity. You can use things that aren’t you know a SPRIG. Eucalyptus leaves or whatever those those incredible on the table so I love that and I think that’s especially outside also again. I have children so I feel like. There’s always this this entertain the kids. I’m going to get the kids out of the way and you know. I have a place that have a trampoline. We have nature to run around in all of these things you know the and if you have a dirt pit that’s the number that’s basically like yeah. We’re we’re like the main attraction for when it comes to dirt. We’ve got I mean I’m already thinking like truck party. It’s awesome also. I think you have your outdoor. Furniture are ready. That’s that’s great. People love to pricing the trend in weddings where are people are renting like shays lounges and couches will kind of what you have outside anyway so you’re you’re not having to redecorate everything also movie movie night. I would never invite my friends over just to sit in my liver and watch a movie. We don’t have a great tv but we have had friends over so many times and we’ve hung up a sheet and we’ve used used my husband brings home his projector from work. We’ve since bought one for like one hundred bucks. Amazon Cosby do so often and movie night outside is magical. It’s amazing the we’ve got a TV for the kids. Sometimes movie night outside is a blast and we’ve done grilling hotdogs and s’mores and firepit and there’s people think we’re the best so I was going to say thinking sorry. I’m sorry to interrupt Carson. No you’re good. I’m yeah I’m just thinking for outside. I’m trying to think of you know. You made a good point about like if if you don’t like the way your yard looks right and you want people to feel you know you wanna be outside. You WanNa enjoy your space secure. Ston basically lives in a movie set because she has no wind. It’s just there’s no way it’s perfect Maradona right but I’m dealing with mosquitoes right and like it’s these little things on my bet you are having to deal it’s to that like they can kill. Hilla night right because you can have the most beautiful table setting you can have the most beautiful everything like air are the mosquitoes and then all of a sudden mosquitoes Graham. I have a massive mosquito. Let’s get a problem but I would say one thing we do and we use a lot as you know. If you want to is kind of set the sight line for the party. If you have one area that’s beautiful you can go to home. Depot Cohen get a bunch of those trellis. you know those little sheets of wooden trellis. An inset goes up. You know you know in fashion them however you want your almost creating unlike the walls of your outdoor living room and then care soon and I will sometimes go to lake or go to cheap fabric stores and I’ll get just beautiful bowl to fabric for like eight dollars a yard five dollars a yard something like that and you can almost create an outdoor room but then if you want to the openings of your Trellis can in highlight something some part of your yard that you think is beautiful right so it’s a great place to put lights. Graham as an envisioning this with fabric lights. You could like their lights on their genius. Yeah like just get those outdoors. You can stack them in your garage. If you have one or an outdoor space not gonna go bad and then you’re literally just going to swag fabric over them. I love your idea about growing the same. I thought that was genius. Oh Okay Yeah. That’s I mean that’s my overall number. One tip for party planning is always the same party and the reason why I actually actually do throw the exact same party same weekend every year. So what does this mean like. Y- each year you have like an annual partier every year Easter weekend. We have an annual crawfish party. Every year and people are like Oh. We got boring so fine if you’re not gonna but it’s really nice because let me just tell you once you’ve ever you learn something. Every year gets better ’cause you realized I bought way too much of that. I need more of this but what’s Nice about that is even if you’re not going to do the exact same party like I do in the same theme team. It’s also wonderful because what happens. Is you start realizing okay. That troas thing really worked. I’M GONNA buy these FELLAS and I’m going to keep them in my garage and I’ve got him for next year and so you start being able to really plan and it’d be more efficient and just improve and even if it’s not the identical goldfine like I’m talking about a crawfish Easter weekend.

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It’s still I always throw that Nice Dinner Party. You know in the dark or I always throw. you know which by the way for you if you really don’t like your yard. I think that those white twinkly lights make everything magical. Just wait till the sun is setting. Everything looks pretty. Everybody candlelight weekly late. I got really there you go. I think that’s your answer party after dark but I mean yeah. I asked my sorry to interrupt. I asked my wife. What do you think about outdoor entertained she said how do you hang. That cool has how to hang that cool swanky party lighting so there you we go we did my husband actually went to. Home Depot and by the way also number one tap is you gotta use those hardware stores and that is where you get great deals so many great things but fishing wire fishing but we have a my husband went and bought like this poll and I don’t really know how to start a metal pole almost like if you’ve got a poll I don’t it’s metal. It’s really like a hook on the end or whatever there’s not gonNa hold on the but he if it it looks like on the edge of the medical but it’s it’s big it’s like maybe thirty feet and we keep it in our garage just on the floor on the side but he he hung up in the center of our yard kind of a one corner of it and and he he strung that is like the base and then he has going from one end of our roof to beyond the roof and then went down the middle and it looks at night like it looks almost like rubbish and it’s just so cool so just that little pool in that poll fades into the distance. No one’s like wow you gotta really ugly poll in her yard all the lights you know actually we we ended up keeping it up for months after every party just because it is so charming and and they do agree to move so what did you do care. San Sorry elaborate so you. You hooked all so you’re talking. You’re talking about those cool bulb lights right man. Is that what you’re talking about. That’s what she he likes. Seattle Edison Bulbs or whatever they have those they have those at Costco we gotta set at Costco and they’re great and they were a bit pricey but again and this is why you throw the same party is because we have to stop thinking about disposable. I mean you go to the party stores. You walk out with like two hundred bucks of junk that you’re going to just put in the landfill but if you say I’m going to the hardware store and I’m going to spend that same two hundred dollars on something that I’m GonNa keep for the next ten years. That’s smart. You actually end up saving money doing that. So might stop thought is we gotta stop thinking disposable and start thinking. I’m going to spend you know forty dollars on reusable tablecloths that I’m GonNa Wash Gosh instead of spending twenty dollars on things that I throw away and then extract spent twenty dollars getting so that’s. That’s my thought that’s an awesome tip. Thank you absolutely and then turn out so well hundred we asked them the audio and you just rolled this out for sure. I’ve done that before so if we’re talking about saving money one of my I mean this is. I’m letting you in on always spend like I’m totally outing myself. This is closely to both the silver in China are staying in the closet. Let me tell you what I’m really doing. I’m going to the hardware store and buying saw horses. I’m not kidding you. I own four of them. You know what I’m talking talking about right my my my garage basically full of metal poles and saw horses okay good yeah. I know it because we redesigned our house so these are the like little airframe thing stands awesome so I own I own four of those and I own a bunch of plywood boards because I like that you can you can maneuver them kind differently as opposed to just a folding table and I know some people are like dude. Just get a folding table but I can get way bigger if I do the plywood so I have I’ve made squares. I’ve I’ve had kids come and do a gingerbread house decorating and I’ve done a long dinner party and it’s just super long and wide and I’ve done again the crawfish boil. Lori throw the crawfish on there but it’s so great because you’ve got so much versatility with those and they’re easy to store and I can also then have those plywood two it over other. If I don’t want to necessarily do a big a giant table with the SARS is I can also just put them over existing tables which is great to make them bigger so plywood boards are definitely a big one and then I also use a ton of drop cloths from the hardware store and those make great Taybeh Plots and they’re so huge they will okay okay. I would have to go to the laundromat afterwards they don’t really fit in my washing machine but the massive ones but those are so great and you can put a really fancy thing over it or you kind of have that rustic sheep she kind of Birla burlap look which is great from no so. I I love Bubbas Anna also what I use those drop closets what it used for my movie nights screens as well so I’m literally just hanging out at hardware stores all the time you are and so okay so Kirstin is really good at like brass tacks. She knows the gear you need for a party Freddie and my tip.

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Is that no matter when you’re throwing a party you’re needing you need resources and I say one thing. I like to know what your next door neighbors neighbors have. I think that is crucial like we need to not only have good relationships with our next door neighbors. We need to know what the mirrors so. I know that my wonderful next door neighbor has to space heaters and like the good ones you know the type like start up at the restaurant you know when you’re cold and either way by price on those is ninety nine dollars at the grocery store surfer ninety nine dollars. That’s when you buy them. Yeah that is the by pressure so right when that one twenty nine you keep your wallet in your pocket and Keep Walking Right Ninety nine bucks yeah. You’re so right so you know a couple of space heaters hold although honestly like an open in Oakland firepit. That’s fun to have but no you know. I knew how many chairs and tables my neighbor has if I need to borrow it just always have good relationship plus my other thing this. This is my number one party tip fireworks works. No this is gonNA sound dangerous probably even illegal. You’re probably scratching your head. They are illegal here like you are not allowed to shoot off fireworks in the residential neighborhood where I live. I’ve let me tell you there’s no party that ends badly when you don’t shoot off one or two really good illegal fireworks and reason. I say that everyone it feels a little bit naughty like you know it’s a great way to say like the party’s over everyone go home. I mean everyone basically leaves after the fireworks and everyone please coming and you just feel a little bit bad like everyone kind of has to scatter. I mean you’ve got to be safe. I’m not endorsing just like the lasting fireworks all over but we get one or two really really good ones and won’t use it off and that’s the end of like most of our best partners. This is awesome. I’m not gonNA tell your in your local municipality that you’re you’re giving this recommendation. In full disclosure. This is grams. Recommendation is why I brought them. Under the show grim always we have to do a lot of disclaimers. Check all the time like with local law enforcement. No they sell that anything husband attorney. It’s because the legal fees were just too much. You just the other thing I’d say is no your vendors or like know who in your town because also it’s expensive to grow parties in. It’s time consuming and I think anyone who says that. It doesn’t always have to be and that’s there’s many tips contracts attract. Some good effortless party cleaners a lot of good work arounds but I think Pearson. I’ve found like anyone who tells you doesn’t take offer it and planning is not going one one hundred percent so I make it you know part of my job to figure out who in town makes the best you know cake for fifteen bucks. You know or ten dollars. Someone kind of has a side business. I know I’ve made a list of a lot of people who make things on the side so that when people come over and they have this really great a cake at home it tastes homemade usually is homemade but it didn’t break the bank when I didn’t. Have you know buy it at a big store. Oh Yeah Grandma we’ve talked about one of our very first podcast episodes episodes we did years ago was all about how our favorite place to go people for some reason think when they’re having a party if they’re. GonNa do that one. They have to make it all themselves. Which is ridiculous like you? You can’t host and Cook so you know cook the one thing you enjoy cooking but there’s no shame in that game like you can get take out for sure but also the grocery. Her story is the world’s most underrated place and it’s the cheapest place like people think they need to go to like the cake store to get a cake like your bakery at your grocery stores. Amazing amazing people think they need to go to the like the Sandwich Gourmet Sandwich place. You don’t need to do that the bakery or the Deli at your grocery store probably makes like like you know twelve foot long subs. I mean it’s an underrated place. It’s going really is they. Boil eggs for you. I mean they will do. You have no idea this is so interesting. I remember you talking about that. Tip on your show before and we’re just about to throw an outdoor birthday party for our two younger guys and these tips are awesome and so we might have to check that out because right now we are planning on doing everything from the decor to the food to the cake and everything so oh no okay also so the other thing that is so great about one of the ways. I’ve saved because I don’t know I feel like there. Was this big push when my my kids were released small of just these east cakes like made my wedding cake look terrible like they were just ridiculous and I find that if you go to a cake decorating store there’s one in our town locally. They’re like ten cents for these thumb little toppings whatever your kid is into. If it’s you know at certain cartoon character or you you know if it’s a mermaid or whatever it is and their ten cents each and I would just go to my grocery store and be like I want you to make me twelve cupcakes and I want them to have the the icing without any just a flat icing and and pick the color and it would be like it’s six dollars as opposed to spending fifty bucks on a cake.

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It was such a great way to do it and I’m not going to make I don’t have time throwing a party interesting. Wow Yeah okay yeah for sure yes and then also just be sure to check gone for everything. I know that it’s great to have a wonderful local resources which I do love. I love my local restaurant supply company. They’re so fine but I ki has fabulous ancient at home. I’ve heard listener told US had some great great tablecloths that that you can get but also just I mean I just buy things in bulk on Amazon Amazon by twelve tablecloths and I’ve got them for the rest of my life and they’re not expensive so yeah clearly Iva tablecloth issue okay okay so so drop cloths book tablecloths. You’re covered your cover. Okay good get your basics and then Graham had another great typically. Let’s hear about about having people to come and help you. Oh yes this was a genius. It depends on how big you WanNa go but the truth is is is that I don’t know if you have babysitters ever or if you live in a town with the college but the truth is is that I think you often get intimidated about the idea of having like a bartender under party or even someone to help pass orders like what a lovely thing that just elevate guardian kind of takes it effortlessly and easily to the next level well the truth truth is is that if you ask your babysitters many of them for the same rate that you pay them per hour would be just as happy to pass around a plate of words rather even you know. Tuck your Palden and bedtime story so I often find that all us local college students you know seniors in college who are old enough to serve alcohol as as my bartenders and sure she’s carting them again illegal illegal illegal loose the best part was one time we threw a party and I decided I wanted them to wear togas and they were much yeah and they totally wear togas and they loved it because you know they were college guys and it was fun and they were the best spar tender Asia and you know it’s easy or wine. Make sure everyone’s drink as always filled that extra and you know and it costs me I think thirty bucks to have you know two guys there for an in our house type thing and drank all your wine though you didn’t at that in the cost a couple of bottles of whatever that I sent them but it was great and Moser your resources I’ve done the same thing with lifeguards and I am very clear with the parents that they’re not actual lifeguards but just we have a swimming pool and it’s so my kids are all great swimmers bit. That isn’t is a scary thing and that’s a huge liability and it’s absolutely worth you know having somebody just an extra set of eyes just because we all hear these stories and you don’t want it to be at your house so that to me has has become if we have the pool gate open. That’s just a that’s for me part of the cost of throwing a party outside you know not if we’re having two families over for dinner but if there’s twenty twenty people it just it’s such a peace of mind and I’ve had so many parents. Tell me how much they appreciate it. That’s awesome. That’s a great idea. Okay anymore behind wrap. It up sounds more we we should talk about him for Surf Spot. I think I think hundred Italian. I mean we just you know I think the only thing I would wanNA leave. Your listeners with is throw the party you. WanNa go to because then it’s fine fine you know. I don’t really want to go to a well. I don’t know I guess I kind of want to go to every party but you know what I mean like. If it’s a party that you think would be a the blast then you’re gonNA have cleaning it and it won’t be stressful and it shouldn’t be stressful. ’cause no one’s there to judge you. It doesn’t need to be addressed needs to be a thing that people enjoy and you know what’s starting where pizza you can always break out a few more bottles of wine and once you do those things everyone’s got some fireworks fireworks and then you get to go home or you can do it. My husband does which is put on his bathrobe and so this is great. I think that’s a good stopping point then this. This has been awesome and I’m so glad I brought you guys on to talk about this stuff because obviously you’re you’re superior in this regard than I am so so I have tons of tips for me now to make my party’s way swankier and more fun and Leslie. I thank you again. Most of my tips came from the hardware store so you’re very kind a swanky but we already it is fun. That’s great and as soon as we turn off the Mike here. I’m going to work with you guys to figure out how we can all move to the same town so I visit all your parties because they sound amazing open invitation Easter weekend. All the crafters can eat ben the CRAWFISH ECHINACEA awesome family. Come down and visit. You have an open invitation and that would the great.

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Oh also one less thing. Tell your wife to just regular white Christmas lights also regularly Christmas Lee. I think they’re actually more charming than those big ones. Since big wins. Let more light and we’re GONNA. We’re GONNA hide everything. You don’t like about your backyard. Okay so regular Christmas lights out cool. Thanks guys are hey guys. I don’t know about you but I’m probably going to have to play this episode over a couple times just to get all the tidbits out of there that they just had some awesome information in that. I think we’ll be super helpful for US speaking selfishly and so I hope it was super helpful for you as well as you think about entertaining outdoors and you know I’m starting to get this this vibe of of just starting to accept the beauty and the wonderful piece of property that we have and I hope you can start to do so as well I kind of teach that on my show but you know when I think personally we don’t always live that I always kind of look at certain parts of our yard with a little bit of discontent or disappointment disappointment and and or just wishing that things were different and we could hoping we can change that and so maybe I need to start thinking from a different perspective of thinking about what yeah I can do currently with my yard and embracing the gifts we have with our spaces. Well you know we have almost a half of an Acre and that’s something a lot of people would love to have right so so why not embrace some of the positive factors of our house in our yard and so I encourage you to do so as well that’s kind of what I’m learning with some of these shows as I’ve talked about not recently and so I encourage you to think about that. You know embrace the gifts you have with your space. Make it wonderful. Make It enjoyable and in enthrone the party that you want to have. I think that’s an awesome tip so guys go out there. Have Fun have fun entertaining create some good memories with good friends and family family and let’s all entertain with these are right here sitting in Graham. Thanks so much for coming on the show again. You guys can check out their show over the welcome home podcast cast dot com or pretty much anywhere podcasts are found likewise. I WanNa make myself myself as available to you guys as possible and so if you guys have any questions with your landscape if you’re struggling with something if you don’t know how to do something if you’re feeling overwhelmed go ahead and ask me a question head on over over to easy living yards dot com slash ask and right there. You can fill out a quick super easy form to give me a little bit of Info and I can help you out directly all right guys. Thanks for tuning in make sure you live with passion and make tomorrow better than today uh-huh.