Landscaping to prevent soil erosion in your yard – Show Notes

Today’s episode covers causes, solutions, and prevention of erosion in your yard.  Erosion can cause cosmetic or serious damage to your landscape if not managed properly.  Here’s how to manage soil erosion properly.

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How to fix soil erosion problems in your yard

What is erosion?

  • Water runoff problems
  • Loss of topsoil
    • Gullies, washouts, mudslides, landslides, rills

Causes of erosion

  • Channeling of water
  • Lack of adequate root systems
  • Lack of topsoil
  • Low organic matter
  • Low fungal life
  • Compaction
  • Fast moving water conditions

How to fix soil erosion problems

  • Do the opposite of causes of erosion!
  • Erosion control plants
    • Anchor soil
    • Fibrous root structures
    • Grasses, sedges
  • Reduce channeled water causing erosion
    • Slow down water flow
    • Spread out water flow
    • Infiltrate water
    • “Slow it, spread it, sink it”
  • Channeled water causing erosion
    • Break up fast moving water
    • Install ‘steps’ for water
    • Create a series of pools along the channel to hold and slow water
  • Runoff causing erosion
    • Disperse water
    • Slow it down
    • Use infrastructure or earthworks
      • Multi-functional
      • Benches
      • Garden beds
    • Strategic landforms and hardscapes to prevent erosion
    • Build on contour, perpendicular to runoff direction
  • Rain gardens
    • Capture water
    • Prevent erosion

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