Create the Dream Yard You Deserve – Show Notes

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Create the dream yard you deserve!

  • What a dream yard means to me

    • Pride
    • Beauty
    • Low maintenance
    • Long lasting
  • Personal dream yard landscaping

    • Healthy
    • Non-invasive
    • Beneficial habitat
    • Interactive
  • What is not ideal landscaping

    • Ugly
    • Labor intensive
    • Disease prone
    • Weedy
    • Stress-inducing
    • Causes neighborhood problems
  • Why you deserve your dream yard

    • Your life is too important for landscape chores
    • Your yard should add value and meaning to your life
    • There is something better for you to be doing
  • What is your dream yard?

    • Landscape vision and goals – Episode 72
    • What is your idea of a beautiful yard?
    • What landscaping style do you want?
    • What are your maintenance goals?
    • How can your yard add value and meaning to your life?
      • Activities
      • Enjoyment
      • Expression
      • Greater landscape

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How to Create your Dream Yard ELY083

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What’s up. I’m ben hale and this is the easy living yards podcast. Creating a beautiful yard should be easy. Let’s jump in increase the dream yard. You deserve so you can enjoy more time doing what you love and welcome to episode eighty three of the easy living yards podcast guest today. We’re going to be talking about how to create the dream yard. You deserve we talk about creating beautiful. Yard should be easy less jump in and create great dream yard. You deserve right so you can enjoy more time doing what you love. That’s the tagline of the show. That’s really important to me and i hope it’s you’re learning. It’s important portent for you too. It’s so important because really our landscapes right are not what we’re here for. We’re here for greater purpose. I believe that i hope you believe leave that to and really try to show that in in this show in the podcast that we do here in everything i do it easy living yards so really when when it comes to creating the dream yard you deserve. What do i really mean when i say that and what does it really mean for you so that’s what i want to dive into. Today’s today’s show before that i just wanted to say a few things one a quick life update another where i’m recording this podcast from and you know i just wanted to share a quick update in case you guys actually are interested or care or whatever i just really want to share the so my family we you just got back recently right before i’m recording this from a trip to canada which was really interesting so we we we drove from southern ohio up through quebec and it was such an interesting experience we really want to start introducing our kids to to learning about the world in educational experiences through the world around us so bringing new sites new locations into that as well and so we drove up to quebec city and then up even further to saint lawrence bay region and both were very fun. Experience is very interesting experiences. quebec city is predominantly french speaking as is most of the province of quebec and so that was very interesting nine french speakers but we wanted to immerse ourselves and our children into a different culture and that was one of those closest places we could do it where the the actual language language is entirely different and it feels very european there so it was really fun exciting really interesting experience and the kids really loved it so i just wanted to share that with you and hopefully you can engage if you have children engage them and other experiences you know it doesn’t have to be that extreme but experiences that can teach them and show them new ways of thinking in new things to do each day because i really think it just means a lot to the kids to have been able to do that. Then we went up to the saint lawrence bay region to a an area called the saguenay fjord so it’s actually i didn’t realize they were such things fjords in any place other than like finland but basically a fjord is this giant giant ravine or giant crevice dugout pie glacier and then it becomes filled with water after the glaciers recede and so is this giant cliff region filled with water and right where this fjord enters the saint lawrence bay is a massive massive wael destination so wales come from all over the world all the way from the antarctic area up to this region to feed on krill this time of year and so it was awesome we went on this whale crews and we saw wales. It was so cool so i don’t know if you’ve ever seen well so if you haven’t definitely try to do so they’re such amazing creatures and it’s so crazy to actually see them in action and so anyway just wanted to share that with you ah what’s going on in our life right now we are trying to educate our kids in different ways in have them immersed in different experiences even at it’s such a young age as they are so our kids are right now are holding six youngest is two so it’s kind of crazy the other thing so i’m recording according this episode from the sacramento area of california so i think it said sacramento. It’s really late also when i’m recording this because because i’m on a business trip for full-time gig but you know easy living yards right now is a side hustle for me and for you guys that means you get to benefit from around for my passion and my side hustle business right and so am i. Fulltime hustle. I’m in sacramento for for business thing and and here.

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I get to be in california for the first time and so here in california. It’s awesome. I get to see this climate that you you guys my listeners that are in california shout out to you guys in such a wildly different climate than what i’m used to in south and southeastern eastern ohio and it’s very very interesting so cool to see this new region and i’m excited to be here. Why am here so all right. Let’s jump bump into today’s show so create the dream yard you deserve. What does that mean to you. What does it mean to me. And what am i trying to say when i say that okay so when i’m saying increased the dream yard you deserve. What does a dream yard mean to me well. There’s a couple of things for one to me. When you create the dream yard you deserve. It’s something you can be proud of all right so your your yard can be a source of pride something. You’re happy with something. You’re proud that you have it. Also it was a source of beauty something that’s not ugly it kind of ties into that pride thing right so a source of beauty something you admire when you look at it something you feel comfortable people in right. It’s also low maintenance. That’s a big thing where we talk about here right so you can enjoy more time doing what you love right. So when it’s low maintenance that means as you can do other things that means you can do things more important than cut your grass or pull weeds or spray chemicals right and likewise. It’s a long lasting passing landscape something you don’t have to be out there changing tweaking maintaining on the long-term or redesigning on long-term as well so those are all things that i think are are important to me an important to most people when it’s about creating the dream yard do deserve likewise on a more personal level to me me for me. My dream yard is something that’s healthy for my family for the world around me so when i talk about that really ties into my my desire for non chemical approach to landscaping to building soil health and plant health intern likewise a noninvasive landscape so something where the plants i’m using in my landscape aren’t creating problems in the greater landscape that i like to talk about so outside out of our yard. I don’t want to create problems out semi yard by by spreading profusely in disrupting habitats likewise. I want to create a beneficial habitat in my art so this again is a more personal goal might not be the same for you but for me knowing that my yard is actually providing a benefit to other creatures than just me being happy looking at it. My neighbors not complaining about my beautiful yard likewise something that’s interactive so this is a goal with my kids. I want something that my kids can can enjoy and can be proud of as well and so something that they can learn from as well so those are additional goals for me in your personal. Goals may be different so when you’re thinking about creating a dream yard you deserve. It’s important for you to think about what are these elements of a dream yard for you right and we’ll get into that in a little bit with with scarring that and now another thing i want you to think about is what’s not ideal right and so that might help you clarify your goals your vision in a dream yard for you so when it comes to what’s not ideal when i think about that. At least i think about something that’s ugly right. This is kind of the opposite of what we just talked about something. That’s ugly so appealing right looks unkempt potentially something something labor intensive so takes a lot of work takes away from the joy in your life takes away from the time you can spend with your kids your families or to do the things you you love. Something disease prone right that means. You don’t have happy plants. Don’t does means you don’t have a healthy landscape and so that creates work right likewise something. That’s weedy is not ideal. That’s additional work means you’d landscapes not properly manage or not properly designed to to prevent weeds from occurring as a problem right something that’s stress inducing is not ideal so if it’s something you’re not proud of something so you have to work on a lot whatever that is whatever that stressor is. We want to remove that from your landscape right likewise something that causes neighborhood eh problems. What do you mean by that. Will you don’t wanna landscape. That’s going to stick your landscape out and become a focal point in a negative way. If it’s a focal point point in a positive way that’s great but you don’t want something that’s causing problems. We have to spend time fighting swimming upstream or whatever to to have the landscape that you have have instead. You want something you can be proud of that. Also is socially acceptable enough to where you don’t have to have problems with your landscape okay so we’ve talked about what i think.

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Dream yard is in one. It’s not right but why does this matter better. Why do you deserve your dream yard. Well here’s where i get deep guys right. Get get down in there and really dive have deep and make this all serious and stuff right and and this is true wa- cheesiness aside. I can’t help but be cheesy especially when it’s talking about about something. That’s a little woo right. So here’s the reality. Your life is too important for your landscape chores. Your life is too important for your landscape. Chores chores okay. There are more important things you can be doing with your life. Yeah maybe sometimes you sit there and binge watch netflix right. I do too and it’s kind of a waste of time the life let’s face it but sometimes we got a veg out as true right. Some people say that’s why they like to cut their grass. That’s true to an extent but we don’t need to be rescheduling life around our landscape and that’s the big difference right. We can’t just let the grass grow and we can go. Cut it whenever we want. One we wanna vege out. Do reality is when you grass needs to be an easy get cut when the weeds need to get pulled. They need right when you have a problem with your landscape and you have to to maintain it. That’s work and it’s not work. You can just flex around everywhere and so we need to cut that out. We need to create a landscape. We can be happy and proud out of that’s not tons and tons of work at the wrong time instead. We wanna landscape that we want to be out there. Maybe working on it right. That would be an awesome ideal experience something where we can go kind of tend to it more like fiddling around that it’s probably better that we don’t because designed zayn so awesome and so well because you did such a good job designing and installing. You don’t need to be doing anything right. That’s the yard we want okay because your life is too important for landscape shorts. Your yard should add value and meaning to your life instead okay so this could be through many do things which i’ll talk about a little bit ways that your yard can add value meaning to your life likewise. There’s something better for you to be doing if i haven’t said that clearly enough in different ways. There’s something better for you to be doing than working on your yard okay unless it’s your escape from reality right. If it’s your your escape from the stresses of the world i get that right. We can still design a low maintenance yard so that way when you want to escape from the sources the world you can do something with your yard but when you don’t have the time for that your yard we’ll take care of itself right so that’s why you deserve your dream yard. Guys has your life is too important for landscape chores. There are much more important things we can be doing that having to schedule in our landscape chores into our life okay guys. I’ll get off my soapbox. I’ll i’ll stop getting so deepen serious and stuff and so let’s now talk about. What’s your dream yard. How do you figure this out right. What is it your unique yard for you. That is your dream yard. Okay well. I have some resources for you. I have some awesome stuff right and i suggest some things to tell you as well so i a resource really getting your dream yard as about getting the right landscape vision and goals in place okay so for that i have an episode. I’ve already recorded about getting your landscape vision right so go check out episode. Seventy two got a link in the show notes e. l. y. Dot how if you’re on your mobile e. l. y. Dot h. o. W. slash episode seventy two or easy living yards dot com com slash episode seventy two all right so check out that get your vision and your goals straight all right and that’s part of figuring out. What is your gene yard for you. What’s your unique. Thank you hard that creates. You dream yard for you so really what’s this about. It’s about what’s your idea of beautiful you heart. Which does that mean to you. It’s all all different for all of us right. Bidding are where we are where we live . What’s you know stage of life. We’re in what type of family were in that sort of thing right. Also what landscaping style do you want. That’s an influences well. What are your maintenance goals right. Maybe you wanna be out there more often. Maybe you don’t okay. Maybe you’re okay with certain amount of maintenance right. You got to figure that out for you and your family and your project future okay so next. This one’s very important. How can your yard add value in meaning to your life right. We talked about this right. Your yard had value and meaning to your life. That’s why you deserve during yard. So how can you do that. Well think about . What activities do you plan to do in your yard. Where activities would you hope to do in new jarred.

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What about what level of enjoyment do you want from yard. Do you want to replace a reflection relaxation escape from reality right. How can your yard expression of you and your family. What about the greater landscape. What does as you know incorporating things that benefit the world around you the creatures that come by your landscape that can make your landscape a home. Is that important into you right so those are examples of how can your yard add value in meaning to your life so what’s it going to be. Are you ready to create your dream yard guys. Are you ready to create your dream yard. All right now is the time wise now not a good time okay. Let’s stop putting off making a positive change in our lives through our landscape. Let’s get it done okay. Let’s do it now all right. I’m not trying to be a motivational final speaker here or anything. I’m just trying to say with stopping you from creating yard you love. You’re listening to this podcast for a reason. I’m guessing right. I’m i’m sure i’m just not entertaining enough on its that you’re here to learn about landscaping right so what is holding you back from making that positive change. That’s what we’re we’re all here for right. I’m here to help you whether it’s through the podcast or through the membership so i want to let you know the membership is here for when you’re committed committed to making a massive positive change in your landscape. I hope you closely to work together with you on a personalized level with your landscape to make a positive difference to make that massive impact whether it’s figuring out how to start at just learning how to design a small garden around your mailbox or figuring figuring out how to transform your whole yard i am here to help you in the membership so if you’re interested in the easy living yards membership of course there’s a link in the show notes like whereas oh has you can always go to easy living yards dot com slash membership and get details there okay enough about that. But how do you translate this this to you reality guys. How do you translate this to reality well. This is by figuring out how to take your your your dreams right and to create a vision with it create that landscape visits should go check out the landscape vision in goals episode that i already talked about. It’s in the links for today’s show notes so you can go to easy living yards dot com slash episode eighty three or if you’re on your mobile e. l. y. Dot how e. l. y. Dot h w slash episode eighty three fewest characters tight there so landscape vision and goals episode seventy two also. I have a free download how to view your yard like a pro all right so if you’re ready to figure out. How do you need to make a change. What needs change for you. How does it help you create the dream yard. You deserve. It’s a quick exercise to help. You start thinking about that all right. If you have a question by the way since i’m in california i wanna give a shout perry who is just north of sacramento sacrimento. I’m in here in sacramento right now and period. I wish i had time to schedule meet up with you. This is a very impromptu visit to sacramento for me but i wanted to shout out so periods working on creating a zero escape backyard so he had listened to zero escaping episode sued of the podcast is looking for tips and pointers on what to do to create the best landscape in his backyard so shout perry. Thanks for reaching out to me. excited excited that we can work together to figure out what works best for your landscape and with that guys if you have a question go ahead and click the link in the show notes. Ask ask your question or you can always go to easy living yards dot com slash pod. That’s easy living yards. Dot com slash p. o. d. and right at the top of the page. There’s a button to ask me a question russian. I’d love to get in touch with you and to help you with your landscape to make positive change to create the dream. You heard you deserve right guys all right with that. That’s a wrap. I’m losing my voice tonight so hopefully when you’re listening to this it’s not too bad and you can get the passion about this. Show that. I really have to help you. Create the dream yard. You deserve okay so before my voice cracks anymore for. I have to pause the episode recording again to hack out a lung. Thanks for tuning you. Make sure you live with passion and make tomorrow better than today and.