Landscape like a pro with a clear vision – Show Notes

Today’s links:

Landscaping with focus and vision

  • Most common landscaping error – not planning!

  • Risks of not having clear vision

    • Random plants
    • Increased maintenance
    • General dissatisfaction with work
    • Not knowing what you want with your yard
  • Creating a landscape vision

    • Get a clear picture of what you want
    • Factor entire family in vision
    • Encompasses ideal landscape for your life
  • What is a landscape vision

    • 1-3 sentence summary of
      • Desires
      • Functions
    • Focuses all landscaping projects
      • All projects will help meet vision
  • Result from a clear landscape vision

    • Helps create designs
    • Informs plant selection
    • Helps make critical decisions
  • A good landscape vision rarely changes, unless life changes

  • How to craft a vision

    • What are your current problems?
      • These may pinpoint the opposite of your vision
    • What do you want to do in your yard?
      • This helps understand functions
    • What do you want to feel in your yard?
      • This helps understand desires
    • Combine these desires and functions into a vision
  • A vision example for our yard

“Our front garden welcomes visitors, increases curb appeal,

and enhances the surrounding natural environment

by using a naturalistic theme with year-round interest and natural habitat.”

  • ELY Membership – Vision Course
    • Very important step
    • Vision clarifies all decisions for your yard

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