Laura’s Landscape: Easy Landscaping Ideas for a visual oasis to replace ugly landscaping – Show Notes

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Today we chat with Laura from Salem, OR about her beautiful new home with gorgeous mature pines and a wonderful secluded location and from the nearby road and beautiful views from inside the house to the landscape.

But there’s one problem.  The view immediately next to the front door and outside their large windows is UGLY landscaping.  It is boring, sterile, and unwelcoming.

Listen in to see how we figure out how to easily turn this into a beautiful space that welcomes visitors and offers relaxing views from the windows.

Topics covered:

  • What to do with ugly landscaping
  • How to know what to do first so you don’t get overwhelmed with your yard
  • Beautiful easy landscaping ideas with native plants
  • Creating outdoor rooms to relax and welcome visitors
  • How you can chat with Ben like Laura did!

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