How we can all work to make the world just one step better

So yeah, this is it.  I’m 30 today.

This day marks a turning point for many 20-somethings, because they’re no longer 20-somethings.  They’re now in the ‘old people’ category in the eyes of kids.


A Change…

This day marks a turning point for me as well.  Today is the day I launch my website, Easy Living Yards.

 The launching of Easy Living Yards marks a distinct but deliberate change in my life.

This is the turning point of many years of thought and research as I determine a new path forward for myself and my family.

Whether you’re viewing this soon after publishing, or looking back from the future, thank you for visiting.


I am committed to providing valuable and trend-setting information, thoughts, reflections, and ideas to propel the world of landscape design forward into a holistic design process for the betterment of mankind and the world in which we live.

So this is it.  This is what I am doing with my life to make a difference in this world.


What are you doing?

We are all here for a purpose, no matter your spiritual beliefs.  It was through deep reflection over many years that has given me the confidence to understand and truly believe that this is an integral part of my path.

I have met so many people in my life and I believe most of us don’t understand our purpose.  We might have some of it, but it isn’t all there.  This feeling of not fully knowing your purpose manifests itself in everything we do.  I know the feeling.


Before I felt certain about this decision, there was a gnawing inside of me to continue searching.  And sometimes I would ignore this.  Most of the time, I would argue that gnawing into submission.  Because that gnawing feeling comes from the spirit.  The emotion.  The brain has an amazing capacity to overpower feeling and the senses in the short term.  But without feeding and fulfilling the spirit, the brain cannot ever reach its full potential.  We are the sum of our parts, and the emotions and spirit are not only a part, but an integral part of us.



So I urge you, keep searching.  Keep looking.  Never stop until you have found your purpose.  When you find it, you will know.  Because everything will just feel right.  That’s not to say you won’t have struggles, but you will find a source of energy and drive that is so powerful that you will feel you can surmount any obstacle.


If you have found your purpose, congratulations!  You should be very proud!  Keep at it and never let anyone stop you.


If you are still searching for your true meaning, don’t let anything stop you from the pursuit.  This is your dream of dreams.  This is your destiny.



So today, on my first day of old personhood let me tell you something:


Go get it.  Here’s to you and your search for purpose.  It’s worth the journey.



Anything can happen, child.  Anything can be.