Landscaping for unique situations: Special needs and life stages – Show Notes

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Landscapes are a place to live.  Heal, interact, engage, enjoy, play, escape, reflect.

Landscapes are a sensory experience.  Sights, sounds, feel, smell.

Landscapes are a place for engagement.  Running, walking, sitting, lying down.

Landscapes are a place for entertainment.  Parties, meals, playing, friends, family.

What if you can’t fully experience all of the elements of a landscape?

  • Opportunity for creativity
  • Consider different circumstances
    • Landscaping for autistic children
    • Landscaping for deaf enjoyment
    • Landscaping for wheelchair access
    • Landscaping for blind enjoyment
    • Landscaping for color blind enjoyment
    • Landscaping for aging
    • Landscaping for ADHD children and adults
    • Landscaping for stress reduction
  • The Unique Landscaping Toolbox
    • Texture plants
    • Barefoot-friendly landscaping
    • Natural Play areas
    • Natural elements
      • Wind, water, insects, birds
    • Railings and borders
    • Scent
      • Trees, shrubs, grasses, water
    • Low Maintenance landscaping
    • Durable landscaping
  • Landscaping for caregivers
    • Low maintenance landscaping
    • Opportunities for creating special memories

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