DIY Landscaping Update at the Hale House – Show Notes

What’s going on with the Hale’s DIY Landscaping

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DIY Landscaping Update outline

  • Shift focus from interior of house to outdoors
  • Front yard landscaping makeover
    • Focus on entry
      • Front walk
      • Foundation planting garden
    • Create a welcoming space
    • Enhance curb appeal
    • Open up access
    • Increase pride
    • Mostly native garden
  • What we have learned with DIY landscaping
    • It always takes longer and costs more than planned
    • Design is a messy process
    • Make a clear vision
    • Create a plan
    • Be ready to change or throw out your plan
    • It is a fun, memorable family experience
    • Don’t wait until it’s too late!
    • It’s good to have stretch goals
    • It’s okay to stretch your capabilities and be a little scared