Show Notes

Fall Maintenance Tips

Today’s links:

Leaf removal and Leaf Clean up

  • What to do with fallen leaves
    • Rake & mulch
      • Best garden fertilizer
    • Best way to remove leaves from yard
      • Mow & Bag
    • Easiest way to pick up leaves
      • Mow in place
      • Best way to clean up leaves in large yard
    • Best tips
      • Wait until all the leaves have fallen
      • Enjoy the leaf clutter for a while
      • Leave the leaves in your less tended garden beds
        • Great overwintering habitat for many insects
      • Why you should remove leaves from the lawn
        • Prevent matting
        • Kills grass
        • Causes dead spots
      • Fun with kids
        • Make a leaf pile for jumping!
        • Let them help!
        • Great fall cardio

Fall lawn care tips

  • Mow low at end of season
    • Cleans up leaves
    • Removes dead material
    • Don’t ‘scalp’ the lawn!
  • Look for thatch buildup
    • Dead ‘attached’ grass, not clippings
    • If significant, dethatch
      • Rake – small yards
      • Power rake – big yards
    • Core aerate
      • Core aerators pull up chunks
      • Overseed
    • Fertility
      • Compost top dressing
        • Compost tea

Fall garden bed maintenance

  • Leave it until winter unless necessary
  • In the deep south, this is a great ‘tidy up’ time
  • Add some subtle décor for fall and winter interest

Fall is a great time for design install and planting

Today’s favorite plant

  • Red maple – Acer rubrum
  • Large tree – up to 70ft
  • Zones 3-9
  • Full sun to part shade
  • Medium to moist soil
  • Beautiful red and orange fall foliage
  • Varieties
    • Autumn Flame – Smaller leaves, scarlet color
    • October Glory – Orange to red color
    • Autumn Blaze – beware!