Butterfly Gardens and Pollinator Gardens – Show Notes

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Butterfly gardens and Pollinator gardens

  • Several benefits to pollinator gardens
    • Beautiful
    • Environmental health
    • Easy to maintain
    • Educational
  • How to start a butterfly garden
    • Can be overwhelming
      • Something is better than nothing
    • Try to select plants so something blooms all season
    • Learn what insects you want
      • g. Monarch butterfly
    • Find host plants needed for your insects
      • Egg-laying
      • Larvae
      • Adults
    • Generalist nectar plants are also important
    • Plants that attract butterflies:
      • Black eyed susans (Rudbeckia hirta)
      • Sunflowers (Helianthus spp.)
      • Echinacea (Echinacea purpurea)
      • Yarrow (Achillea spp.)
      • Mountain mint (Pycnanthemum spp.)
      • New england aster (Symphyotrichum novae-angliae)
      • Butterfly milkweed (Asclepias tuberosa)
    • Start with a blank space, or integrate into existing garden
    • Things to avoid
      • Random seed mixes
        • Unless you want a ‘meadow’ appearance
      • Pesticides
      • Butterfly bush (Buddleja spp.), non-natives
    • Resources
      • Local parks, Botanical gardens, arboreta,
        • Resources & workshops
      • Local Wild Ones chapters
      • Xerces Society
    • Doing your part
      • Sharing space with other creatures
      • Part of greater landscape
      • Monarchs, bees, other insects suffering
      • Educational
      • Invigorating

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