What is your story? – Show Notes

We’re all the hero in our own story.

Are you ready to fulfill your destiny?

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Today we explore how you are part of an epic journey to destroy Mordor. find purpose and meaning while freeing yourself from daily tasks that take away from you fulfilling your purpose.  Sound lofty?  It is.

It all began a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…

  • What is your story?
    • We all have a story
    • We are all striving for something
      • Fulfill our purpose, live with intent
    • Setting, Character
      • Not satisfied with your landscape
      • Does not bring you joy, peace, pride
      • Feels empty, cluttered, stressful
      • Searching for something better
        • More freedom
        • Better purpose
      • Barriers
        • Drudgery of life gets in the way
        • Not knowing your purpose
        • Having the time to get through all the stuff in our life
          • Dishes, laundry
          • Mowing, weeding
        • Space for happiness
          • Clutter, good design
        • “things” and “stuff”
          • cloud our judgement
          • take away clarity
          • Steal time from living our story
          • Steal away from living our purpose
        • Can you overcome these barriers? Is it possible?
      • Hope – See the forest through the trees
        • You can be free from the drudgery!
        • You can live for your story
        • When you have story, everything pales in comparison
        • Yard
          • Your yard can be congruent with your story
            • Instead of being a barrier to overcome
            • Embodiment of your purpose
            • Freedom-giving space
          • How – tools and confidence
            • Why are you here
            • ELY podcast gives you tools and knowledge and hope to move forward
            • ELY membership
              • Building and creating to better help you on your journey
              • Tools you need to create a landscape you love
                • Beautiful, Inspiring, calming
                • Free from drudgery work, maintenance
              • Confidence you need to move forward
                • Community of heroes on our journey to peace in our landscapes
                • Answers when you need them
              • You can start changing your life today
                • Not for everyone
                • You have to be ready for the change!
              • Reclaim your life from your landscape
            • When you need help with decisions, move forward with confidence through coaching calls and support from me
          • Are you ready?
            • When you are ready, this will change your life
            • Let’s find your story
            • Let’s live your story
            • Are you ready?

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