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Why you already love rain containers but just didn’t know it yet…

Show Notes

Why you should consider rain containers

Whether you call them rain barrels, rain containers, or rain catchment systems, capturing the rain provides healthy water for your landscape and helps reduce our burden on stressed stormwater systems.  Win-win-win!  Here’s how to do your part in helping reduce your burden on our water systems, as simple or intricate […]

Get Your Free Water Supply Now!

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 Here’s how you get your free water: install a rainwater harvesting system!

I know, you’re thinking it’s easy for me to say.  Heck, where I’m from in Ohio, we get 42” of rain each year!  Of course a rain barrel or rain tank makes sense.  But you might live in the southwest US.  There’s not enough rain to make it worth it.

Ha! Gotcha good!  No matter where you live, especially in dry regions, rainwater harvesting systems […]

Stormwater Management in the Suburbs

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What to do with stormwater in your landscape and the greater landscape

So I have an infomercial question for you today.

Do you want to cut your water bill and usage by 50%? Stick around and I’ll show you the no-brainer solution! But wait, there’s more! You’ll get several other bonus tips at no additional fee!

Just ten easy payments….


I’ll stick to blogging.


With all this talk on stormwater, I have broken stormwater management into segments based on geographical […]

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