Relax and Chill – Show Notes

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Relax and chill – it’s just your yard!

Low maintenance landscaping starts with the right mindset!  This episode helps you have the right perspective to create a beautiful diy landscape without the stress and pressure.

  • Self imposed pressure
  • Focus on priorities
    • Family
    • Spouse
    • Friends
    • Career
    • Yard
    • Legacy
    • Community
    • Mowing the lawn
  • Our yards should serve us
  • The setting where our life takes place
  • Create the space where you feel at ease in your yard
    • Begins within
    • First live it
    • Then create it
  • Creating your dream yard does not happen overnight
    • Still need to do maintenance
    • Do what’s needed
    • Focus on long term
    • Focus on living now

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