I have a colleague who just suffered a significant tragedy.  One that will change life forever. Instantly.

It is sometimes difficult to make the best of a tragic situation, if make anything at all.  Moments like this give pause to look at the big picture.

Why am I doing what I am doing?  Is it all worth it?  Am I making a difference?

I try to live my life with vision.  These moments make it more urgent.  It is all too easy these days to get stuck in the monotony, and before you know it, years have passed.  I get why people have mid-life crises.  Better to have a reawakening, no matter what age, than none at all.

I believe if I’m still able to fog a mirror, there’s still a chance I can change this world for the better.

I hope you feel similar.  I hope you take time to reflect on your unique and personal impact on this world.  What can you do to make this world better than you arrived?

I try to live my life with vision.

My vision is my purpose in life.  My unique gifts.  My unique (very unique) personality.

I try to live my life with vision.

It’s hard sometimes.  Some days my vision seems to be ‘clean, cook, mow, wash.’

If you stay focused on what really matters, the other stuff becomes the stuff you do in between living your vision.  All that other stuff percolates through the sides.

Is physical landscaping part of my life vision?  No.  Not exactly.

Okay, so why do I have a brand dedicated to low maintenance landscapes?

Before I answer, perhaps I should share some of my goals in life:

  • Make a positive impact on people of the world
  • Reduce impact of people in the world
  • Design regenerative systems
  • Leave the world a better place than I found it
  • Raise children that will make the world a better place

Sound lofty?  Maybe.

Attainable?  Yes.

So where do landscapes fit in?

I help you design beautiful, low maintenance landscapes so you can

  • reduce your own impact on the planet
  • enjoy your landscape more fully
  • have more time to live out your life vision

If you saw my yard today you would probably wonder why I have a website dedicated to beautiful landscapes.  Why?  Because there is a lot to be done before it becomes a beautiful landscape.

If I have to choose between working in the yard or spending time with my children, I choose my children.  If I have to choose between working in the yard or helping you learn to design your yard, I choose you.

Hopefully, you understand better after reading this, that landscapes are not really all that important when your life ends.  What matters is the positive impact you’ve left as a legacy.

What’s your legacy?


What I intend is to help you free yourself from your landscape, while having a space to be proud of and enjoy.

If you are not in touch with your passions, goals, and life vision, I encourage you to take time NOW to get into better touch with yourself.

Why now?  It’s so easy to push it off until tomorrow, and then tomorrow becomes next year.  So it’s time to take a look inward.  Time to find your purpose.  Time to leave your legacy.  It’s never too early, and it’s never too late.

I try to live my life with vision.  Do you?

Below are two free tools that can help you in two very different ways.

First, I’ve compiled a short exercise to help you identify your passions.  In addition, I’ve also listed some resources that are better experts in this area.

Second, I’ve put together a short guide on how to make some simple habit changes in your yard to give you more time in your life.

So go do it!  Live your passionate life, and free yourself from your landscape!

Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?

– Mary Oliver

I want to identify my passions and live with vision!

I want to get time back from my landscape!

Photo Credits: Larry Jacobsen