How to Compost – Show Notes

Learn how to compost!  Composting can be super easy and is awesome for your yard!  If you want to learn how to compost at home it can seem really overwhelming and complex.  It doesn’t have to be!  Learn how to compost the easy way and why it will be awesome for your yard!

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Why compost is awesome

  • Compost is One of the safest and best fertility boosters of all time
  • General elixir for soil and plant health
  • Age-old fertility booster
    • Composted manure
  • What is compost
    • Degraded & digested organic matter
    • Bacterial & fungal digestion
    • Nutrients made bioavailable to plants & organisms
  • Compost is an amazing natural amendment
    • Biology
    • Organic matter
    • pH buffering
    • nutrients
    • soil builder
  • Biology of compost
    • Some bacterial-dominated, some fungal-dominated
      • Smell: sweet, forest floor, ‘earthy’ – fungal
      • Ideally want good fungal-dominated
    • Should not be hot – still composting
      • Can ‘burn’ plants
  • Chemistry behind compost
    • Organic acids – important for plant and microbe nutrient transfer
  • How to use compost
    • Spread as amendment
      • Late fall, early spring
        • Strain with hardware mesh
    • Mix into topsoil amendments
    • Compost tea
      • Brew a concoction to boost soil microbes
      • Spray across lawn or garden
    • Always use on surface
      • Can disrupt soil ecosystem if tilled or dug under
      • Can cause anaerobic conditions
  • Where to get compost
    • Municipal
    • Landscape suppliers
    • Stores
    • Tips
      • Smell it! Feel it!
      • Get as much as your budget allows
      • Get more than you think you need
  • How to make compost
    • C:N balance
    • Grass clippings + leaves
    • Rodale guide to composting
    • youtube

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