Epic Gardening – Show Notes

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Epic Gardening with Kevin Espiritu

1. Living with purpose through landscapes

  • What we do matters
  • Our time is valuable
  • How to focus on the right priorities
    • Define priorities
    • Consider your legacy
      • Community building
      • Family
      • Healthy food movements
    • Structure our time
  • Prioritize what matters
      • Begin day with reminder
    • Reduce non-priorities and wasted time
      • TV, lawn mowing, weeds, dishes
    • Spend more effort to enjoy what you value
      • Family, friends, gardening, meditation, outreach

2. Avoiding landscaping mistakes

  • How to find mistakes
    • What takes extra work
    • What causes problems
  • What looks ugly or feels unnecessary
      • diseased plants, foundation problems, routine trimming
  • Fixing and avoiding mistakes
    • Plan first, plant last
    • Plan for maturity of plants
    • consider long term maintenance needs
    • Account for plant needs – sun, soil, etc
    • Account for utilities and existing structures
    • Avoid solo plantings and impulse buys

3. Time saving hacks for your yard

  • Suppress weeds before problematic
    • plant tightly
    • mulch heavily
  • build healthy soil
    •     Compost
  • Select low maintenance plants
  • Lawn tips
    • mow higher
    • mow less often
    • avoid synthetic amendments

4. Selecting low maintenance plants

  • Your space defines the plants you select
  • Start with your physical characteristics
    • USDA zone
    • soil type
    • fertility
    • pH
  • Consider your local and immediate climate
  • Select a plant for the space rather than change the space for the plant
    • moisture
    • sun exposure
    • slope
  • Use online resources to find appropriate plants
  • Select plants that fit desired aesthetics
    • Filter for your physical characteristics
  • Favorite general plant
    • Juniper – Juniperus virginiana, communis
      • grows across many climates
      • many aesthetic cultivars

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