Big Design Small Budget – Show Notes

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Exterior-Interior Design – Big Design Small Budget

  • Tools for landscape expression
    • Plants
    • Hardscape
    • Ornament
  • Easy landscaping ideas you can do

    • Transition indoor and outdoor spaces
      • Blend structure of home into landscape
      • Effective on most home styles
      • Plants – structure, symmetry, masking
    • Contrast built structure to environment
      • Less common practice
      • Looks good with modernism, seaside, southwestern, and unique styles
      • Simple plantings contrast features of home
    • Express your home
      • Characterize feel, ambience of home
      • Very interpretive, artistic process
      • Examples: relaxing, clean & tidy, cozy, modern, cottage, industrial
      • Utilize plants, ornament, and hardscape
    • Where to start low maintenance landscaping
      • Best transition points
        • Porch
        • Entry room
      • Potted plants
      • Simple accents
  • Common low maintenance landscaping mistakes

    • Poor access
    • Clutter
    • Planting without planning
      • Wrong plants
      • Utility, structure, and hardscape issues
    • Too much lawn
    • Not budgeting for landscape design
  • How to find mistakes
    • What takes extra work
    • What causes problems
    • What looks ugly or feels unnecessary
    • diseased plants, foundation problems, routine trimming
  • Fixing and avoiding low maintenance landscaping mistakes
    • Plan first, plant last
    • Plan for maturity of plants
    • consider long term maintenance needs
    • Account for plant needs – sun, soil, etc
    • Account for utilities and existing structures
    • Avoid solo plantings and impulse buys

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