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I Speak for the trees!  – Show Notes

Today we talk about these amazing creatures that live longer than humans and are way more numerous than humans.  Trees!  Trees are amazing creatures, and they need our help.  YOUR help!  Here are things you can do for the trees and why it matters today more than ever.  EV-ER.

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The Best Ohio Low Maintenance Trees and Shrubs

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If you live in or close to Ohio, this article is a must read for your tree planting ideas.

Get the expert opinion of low maintenance landscape designers from across Ohio on the top low maintenance trees they use in their designs for front yard landscaping.

Below is a list of easy landscape trees for Ohio, followed by the contact information of these designers .

If you’re looking for front yard design ideas to create a beautiful […]

The Top 3 Reasons your Tree is Dying

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When it comes to growing trees, you would think it’s so simple.  You plant it in the ground, give it some water, give it some more water, let it grow, then enjoy.  Right???  So why does your beautiful tree have disease problems?  Why is your tree dying?

Let’s get out our detective hat and figure out what’s going on with your tree!

Reason # 1: Planting too deep

The absolute most common […]

5 Trees That Look So Good You’ll Eat Them

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Edible Attractive Trees for Your Landscape

Man, I love me some pie.  That’s right.  Apple pie, banana pie, cherry pie, lemon merengue pie, pumpkin pie, pecan pie, you name it.


Yeah, so what gives?

As it turns out, most pies are made from some edible plant.  And most of them come from a tree fruit.


Who doesn’t love edibles?  Go to a supermarket and look for the space that seems most ‘alive.’  Odds are, you’ll end up in the […]

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