Do you ever feel like you have to schedule in yard work?

Does mowing the lawn disrupt your weekend activities?

Have weed problems ever invaded your peace of mind?

Well, you’re certainly not alone.  But the good news is you can change your habits to better manage your yard for reduced work and reduced stress.  

Sounds great, huh?

The biggest piece to this puzzle is mindset.

Here are a few ways to refocus your mindset to save time:

  • Schedule your life first, your yard second
    • When it comes to soccer games and picnics, they’re more important than a dandelion!
  • Focus on the good parts of your yard.  
    • What’s working? Do more of that.
  • Increase the time between work days
    • Do you usually weed twice a week?  Try once a week.  Try once a month!
  • Commit larger blocks of time to yard work, with more gaps
    • Plan for ‘yard work’ days or afternoons.  

This will ‘batch’ your work out and make it more productive

These tips can help you get more time back and reduce stress when it comes to yard work.

Combined with the tips above, here are three specific things you can do to gain 27 hours of your life back each year!

These mind-blowingly simple strategies will have your yard looking great and have you relaxing and enjoying the day.

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Photo Credits:  Larry Jacobsen