5 Trees That Look So Good You’ll Eat Them

2020-04-29T17:54:58-04:00By |DIY Landscape Design, Ecological Landscaping, Edible Landscaping, Low Maintenance Plants, Native Landscaping, Organic Landscaping, Permaculture|

Edible Attractive Trees for Your Landscape

Man, I love me some pie.  That’s right.  Apple pie, banana pie, cherry pie, lemon merengue pie, pumpkin pie, pecan pie, you name it.


Yeah, so what gives?

As it turns out, most pies are made from some edible plant.  And most of them come from a tree fruit.


Who doesn’t love edibles?  Go to a supermarket and look for the space that seems most ‘alive.’  Odds are, you’ll end up in the […]