Applying Permaculture-ELY103

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Applying Permaculture – Show Notes

We talked about permaculture in Episode 101.  But how does this thing called permaculture apply to real life?  Today, we talk about how to apply permaculture in a way that it improves our life!

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Garden Season Kickoff 2020 – ELY102

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Easy Gardening Season Kickoff 2020 – Show Notes

Let’s step away from life’s drudgery and stress and think about how we can make a positive change in our lives and world with some simple focus on the land around our house that we call a yard.

What are you jazzed about for your yard this year?  How about adding some purpose to your yard?

  • Native plants?
  • Edible landscaping?
  • Veggie gardening?
  • Permaculture gardening?
  • Kid friendly landscaping?

Today, we […]

What is Permaculture-ELY 101

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What is permaculture? – Show Notes

I love permaculture.

But what is it?  Today we cover what permaculture is and how it has the potential to change your worldview and life.  Permaculture is a design concept has certainly changed my entire worldview and impacts everything I do.  100 episodes in, time to talk about permaculture!


Listen at your own risk.  You might get addicted.

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The Opportunity Called the California Water Shortage

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The California Water Shortage: A Case for Aesthetic Ecosystem and Ecological Design

California reservoir drought A reservoir showing the effect of drought conditions in California

In recent news, there has been significant coverage of California’s struggle with its below average precipitation in the past several years.  Yes, they call it a drought.

Governor Jerry Brown and California State Water Resources Control Board have come forward […]

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