AE 010-How to start a new garden bed

2020-07-29T17:27:58-04:00By |DIY Landscape Design, Easy Living Yards Podcast, Landscaping Priorities|

Show Notes

In this episode, we talk about how to start a garden bed project.  What you need to do before planting!


  • Overview
    • Site selection
    • Planning
    • Preparation
    • Planting
  • Site selection
    • Usually determined by architecture
    • If multiple spaces possible
      • Consider environmental features
      • Functional features
        • Access
        • Appeal
        • Value – make it worth it
  • Planning
    • layout
      • Ep 5 – design principles
    • plants
      • Ep 6 – planning checklist
      • Coverage
      • layers
    • Timing
      • Best times for each phase
    • Budget

The Best Ohio Low Maintenance Grasses and Groundcovers

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If you live in or close to Ohio, this article is a must read for your landscape ideas on ornamental grasses and groundcovers.

Get the expert opinion of low maintenance landscape designers from across Ohio on the top low maintenance ornamental grasses and groundcovers they use in their designs for front yard landscaping.

Below is a list of easy ornamental grasses and groundcovers for Ohio, followed by the contact information of these designers .

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Is Your Yard on Crack?

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An 8-step program to kick the habit!


Have you noticed it?  You wake up one morning and find the cash in your wallet missing.  Then you get a call from the lawn guy.

“I need to come by and give you one more treatment.  I noticed a few grub spots that we should take care of now before it gets worse”

I thought he did that last fall, you think to yourself.

“Well you know, these things are normal.  […]

Bring Back that Wild Space!

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Add a wild space to your landscape, and learn how to murder your lawn

Back when I was a kid, I used to go to ‘Nature Camp’ at the local park every summer.  I would come home every day with some creation, be it a bowl made from creek clay or some woodland creature made from bark and leaves.  There, we also would get covered in burrs traipsing around the wild meadow trying to catch butterflies […]

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