ELY 031 – Front Yard Vegetables

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Front Yard Gardening that your neighbors will love – Show Notes

Today, we talk about Front Yard Vegetable Gardening. 

Do you live in an HOA where you’re not allowed to have a vegetable garden?  Perhaps you have pets that would trample your vegetables in the backyard.  Or maybe a spouse that doesn’t want a vegetable garden?

Well…. Never Fear!  Captain Vegetable is here!

In this episode, I’ll share with you several vegetables that add beauty to your landscape.  You […]

ELY 022-I got busted! Property maintenance violations and what to do

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Show Notes

Today, you get to learn about how I got BUSTED!  Getting a property maintenance violation can be frustrating when you are trying to convert to low maintenance landscaping.  Here’s what to do.

  • Our story
  • Violations can be emotional and stressful
    • Frustrating
    • Infuriating
    • Embarrassing
    • Difficult
    • Want to retaliate
  • How to deal with one
    • Stay calm
    • Always context behind event – try not to use as an excuse
    • Investigate source of violation

ELY 021-Don’t Get Busted! HOAs and Municipal Zoning Regulations

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Show Notes

Today, we talk about how to live in an HOA or municipal zoning area with regulations… without getting busted!

We want to be able to enjoy our low maintenance landscaping without having to work on it all of the time.  Here’s how you can have an easy landscape and enjoy it too!

  • HOA
    • Homeowners association
    • Regulate appearance and design of properties
  • Municipal codes
    • Codes written to regulate property design
    • Setback requirements, easements
  • How to […]
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