ELY 033 – Front Yard Curb Appeal Ideas

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Easy front yard curb appeal ideas

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How to spruce up your front entry

  • Curb appeal
  • Pride
  • Ownership
  • Selling your home

Front garden ideas

Five Vegetables for your Front Yard

2018-02-22T11:38:04-05:00By |Edible Landscaping, Low Maintenance Plants|

I’m all about breaking barriers between the vegetable garden and the landscape.  With these suggestions, you can start this transition too.  And your neighbors will be impressed.

1- Asparagus (Asparagus officinalis)

Spring asparagus shoots are attractive and delicious

Asparagus foliage is beautiful in midsummer

This herbaceous perennial forms a great textured backdrop to your ornamental beds.  The tender shoots arrive in spring, but be sure […]

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