Garden Season Kickoff 2020 – ELY102

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Easy Gardening Season Kickoff 2020 – Show Notes

Let’s step away from life’s drudgery and stress and think about how we can make a positive change in our lives and world with some simple focus on the land around our house that we call a yard.

What are you jazzed about for your yard this year?  How about adding some purpose to your yard?

  • Native plants?
  • Edible landscaping?
  • Veggie gardening?
  • Permaculture gardening?
  • Kid friendly landscaping?

Today, we […]

ELY 031 – Front Yard Vegetables

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Front Yard Gardening that your neighbors will love – Show Notes

Today, we talk about Front Yard Vegetable Gardening. 

Do you live in an HOA where you’re not allowed to have a vegetable garden?  Perhaps you have pets that would trample your vegetables in the backyard.  Or maybe a spouse that doesn’t want a vegetable garden?

Well…. Never Fear!  Captain Vegetable is here!

In this episode, I’ll share with you several vegetables that add beauty to your landscape.  You […]

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