Ecological Landscaping – You can make a difference ELY108

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Ecological Landscaping – Your actions matter – Show Notes

Why your conscious choices make a difference

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Prairie Gardening – Ecological Landscaping ELY107

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How to create a prairie garden – Show Notes

Creating a prairie garden

A prairie garden, meadow garden, wildflower garden – whatever you want to call it – is a beautiful ecological landscaping to provide healthy native plant habitat in your yard in a beautiful low maintenance way.  In this episode we discuss what is a prairie garden and how to install a prairie garden from start to finish.

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AE 007-Healthy Landscape, Healthy Family

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Healthy Landscaping – Show Notes

In this episode, we talk about what makes a healthy landscape.  Do you want your landscape to be safe for you, your family, your pets, and your community?

Use these ecological landscaping tips to create a healthy landscape for your family!


  • My view
    • Natural is better and healthier
      • 99% of time
  • #1: Chemicals
    • Endocrine disruptors, enzyme inhibitors
    • Synthetic concentrates
    • Significant health risk to family
      • Read warning labels
        • Even roundup – significant […]

Eco Landscaping-How to start a garden-AE 006

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Show Notes

In this episode we talk about what you need to do before starting a project.  How to plan yard projects properly so you work less later!


  • Design Principles
  • Think big picture
  • How project fits into greater landscape
  • Better to plan first than to plant first
    • Easier to correct planning mistakes
    • Difficult to correct planting
  • Planning tips
    • Find right time of year for planting
    • Plan for growth
      • Spreading habit
        • Seeding
        • Runners
      • Root growth
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