ELY 048 – What are your DIY Landscaping goals for 2019?

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Easy DIY Landscaping Ideas – Setting goals for a new year!

Get inspired to improve your yard this year! 

Save time and effort from needless maintenance.  Make DIY landscaping easy!

Starting the year with focus and commitment

  • Landscaping goals for the year
  • Reduce maintenance
  • Increase beauty
  • Live with more intent
  • […]

AE 017-Native plants and exotic plants

2020-07-29T17:28:47-04:00By |Easy Living Yards Podcast, Ecological Landscaping, Low Maintenance Plants, Native Landscaping|

Show Notes

Check out my high tech mobile recording studio!  Hear me talk about it on the show today.

Today, I weigh the pros and cons of native plants and exotic plants for your landscape and gardens.  Does all this even matter for your landscape?  Listen in to figure out where you stand and whether it can help you save time in your landscape.

Natives & Exotics

  • Wide array of opinions – emotion, ecology, sensation, experience
  • […]

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