ELY 027 – Backyard Ideas for Kids

2020-07-29T17:28:25-04:00By |Backyard Ideas for Kids, DIY landscaping, Easy Landscaping Ideas, Easy Living Yards Podcast|

Show Notes

Today’s episode we chat about what makes the backyard fun for kids!

What does a kid love about the backyard?

Creating rooms

  • Ambience
  • Escape
  • Imagination

Backyard fun: Creating space your kids want

  • A space to call their own
  • Outdoor playhouse
  • Makes a fun space for imagination
  • Able to get dirty
  • Able to be independent

Outdoor activities for kids – Space for kids to get creative

  • Incorporate multiple elements for interaction
  • Tactile elements
    • Moving
    • Changing
    • Building
    • Climbing
    • Swinging
  • […]