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Ben Hale and Family, Easy Living Yards

Resources for the Dealing with 2020 episode – April 2020

Resources we talked about in the show!

The Easy Living Yards Podcast!

This AMAZING podcast covers topics ranging from low maintenance landscaping to living with purpose!  :-)

Tenth Acre Farm

My friend Amy Stross over at TenthAcreFarm.com is full of awesome resources to help you get started with gardening in any space.  She has a wonderful book as well, titled The Suburban Micro Farm!

Epic Gardening

Kevin Espiritu over at EpicGardening.com has an epic site full of info for gardening on patios and balconies.  He also hosts the daily Epic Gardening Podcast, with esteemed guests like Ben Hale.

Helpful gardening resources from Easy Living Yards!

The best mindset for your yard
Living with purpose: What my Grandma taught me
Front Yard Vegetable Gardening
Edible Ornamental Trees!
Edible shrubs!
How to start a new garden bed
Native Plants!
Butterfly Gardening!

Resources for the Getting Ready for Fall episode – September 2019

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Gardens of Piet Oudolf – Embracing gardens in all seasons

Piet Oudolf’s work is a wonderful example of low maintenance garden design that embraces the beauty of winter.  Get inspired to highlight the textures, structures, and colors of winter in your garden!

Resources for the Getting Back to Our Roots episode – May 2019

Find your passion

Here’s an exercise to begin living with intent and passion.  Why is this important?  It affects everything, including your yard!

Yes Please!
Low Maintenance Plants

This is a short list of awesome plants that work in most yards across the US!

Yes Please!
Rain Calculator

How much rain

falls on your roof or yard?

This super easy tool

lets you know.

You’ll be amazed!  

How much rain do I get?
Helpful resources for taking care of Mother Earth in your yard
The best mindset for your yard
Living with purpose: What my Grandma taught me
Front Yard Vegetable Gardening
Edible Ornamental Trees!
Native Plants!
Why sustainable landscapes are just better
How to create your own wild space
Why soil is your favorite!
Butterfly Gardening!
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